5 best Kacey Musgraves music videos
Kacey Musgraves/YouTube

In just a few short years, country star Kacey Musgraves quickly became one of the genre's favorites for her straight-forward lyrics and laid back personality. Musgraves blends her unfiltered attitude with a traditional styling that flirts with the modern era and frankly, she has a lot to say. On her newest album, Golden Hour, Musgraves changed direction with her sound that is not wholly country but doesn't reach into the pop realm either making it one of the highest regarded albums of 2018. Her videos are just as colorful as her music. Take a look at five of her best below.

5. “Space Cowboy”

“Space Cowboy” comes from Musgraves’ latest album Golden Hour released in 2018. The song and video find her tired of giving space to a love that was fading away. Eventually the sun went down on the couple and she’s seen looking back on that time, knowing it’s the end. The song comes at a time when Musgraves has been maturing and having a different outlook on life—a theme throughout the album.

4. “Mother”

Also taken from Golden Hour, “Mother” is a song dedicated as such to her own. The short video chronicles a life between a mother and child and being so far away, Musgraves just wants to be with her mom. The song is one of two that Musgraves openly admits she wrote after experiencing psychedelics—something that has also affected her perception overall. “Mother” may be short but has an intense gravity from the start.

3. “Biscuits”

With a love of old country variety shows, Musgraves packs a bale of humor with muppets, chickens, and a whole lot of frilly outits and dancing in “Biscuits.” The lead single from her sophomore album Pageant Material, “Biscuits” uses lyric imagery to tell everyone to mind their own business and don’t mind what others are doing in their own lives.

2. “Follow Your Arrow”

“Follow Your Arrow” made people pay attention to Kacey Musgraves when released for its encouragement to be yourself. The Platinum certified single took home the Song of Year Award at the 2014 CMA Awards and was a top 10 hit on the country charts. A bit jaded, Musgraves points out everyday people’s criticisms of each other and has to just brush them off. “Arrow” could very well be a sister song to “Biscuits.”

1. “Blowin’ Smoke”

The “Blowin’ Smoke” video tells a classic story of waitresses who talk of getting out someday. They’re good at their job, have a mouth on them, and reality says they’re staying right there. The video gives a double meaning to the song as Musgraves and her coworkers take drags off cigarettes as they banter, but as Musgraves likes to say, they’re just “talking s**t.”