5 best Kane Brown music videos
YouTube/Kane Brown

In some respects, it seemed as if Kane Brown came out of nowhere to become a country music sensation overnight.

Then, when you look at the surface, one will see just how much Brown worked to become one of the genre’s up-and-coming artists. His self-titled 2016 debut was an instant smash, going to number one on the Country charts and getting to number five on the Billboard 200. Brown would avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump” by going number one on both the Country and Billboard 200 with the phenomenal Experiment last year.

It's understandable why he is, rightfully, called an up-and-coming force in the country world, and that star power will be on display when he plays this year’s Rodeo Houston as one of the main acts. To get your ready for his electrifying performance, here are Kane Brown’s top five music videos of all time.

Sit back, and enjoy!

5. “Used to Love You Sober”

Brown is not what some would call “a traditional country artist.” His look and feel fit more in the pop arena than it does country. That, though, is Brown’s ultimate charm, however, and it shows in the sound and video for “Used to Love You Sober.” On the surface, it’s a traditional country love ballad, but Brown mixes tradition with the new age, and the end result is a visual masterpiece.

4. “Weekend”

This song may be a bit young (it was released in August of 2018), but there is no other perfect song, or video, to get one ready for the summer that lays ahead. “Weekend” is a simple, yet uplifting song, with the video to the track showcasing Brown and his friends shopping at their local Walmart before hitting the lake and enjoying the weekend. If that doesn’t make for the perfect summer song, we don’t know what will.

3. “What’s Mine Is Yours”

Filmed like a home video, “What’s Mine Is Yours” is a beautiful song that fits the aesthetics of the video perfectly. Showcasing what a relationship should be about, “What’s Mine Is Yours” is yet another Brown track that mixes the new age of country with the vestige of old school country, and nothing can really beat that sensational mix.

2. “Thunder In The Rain”

One can watch Kane Brown videos all day long (and it’s tempting) and not get tired one bit. One of his videos that deserves to be on full repeat mode is “Thunder In The Rain.” The colors, the visuals, and the message all comes together to form a simply stunning video. “Thunder In The Rain” is a song and video that many, especially southern couples, can easily relate to.

1. “Found You”

There are a plethora of Kane Brown videos that could earn the top spot, including the videos that made this list. However, one video stands out above all the rest, and that song is “Found You.” Hawking back to the tradition of country artists filming their live performances as videos, “Found You” follows that path, with slices of Brown out exploring New York City before his performance. It’s simple, it’s subtle, and it’s a darn great video and song.