5 best Kevin Hart jokes
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a stand-up comedian and actor with a natural finesse for observational comedy on the live stage and movie screen. As an actor, he is best known for his comedic roles in “Ride Along,” “Soul Plane,” and “The Secret Life of Pets.” He commands audiences through describing family members who irritated him while growing up, his challenges in dating and adventures being a parent. Here are 5 of the best jokes by Ken Hart to enjoy.

1.You ever get a bill so high that you put it under a light like it’s going to change.
On a live show, Hart went into describing what it’s like receiving a bill that is more than what you thought it would be. He drives the joke further acting out the idea of holding the bill up to a light. The result is that he paid it reluctantly.

2.Have you ever started explaining your financial situation when friends want you to pay their bill? 
Hart talks about finances and the importance of staying in his financial lane. He states that sometimes when a person is in a stressful situation, they give out their financial information to get out of paying. He then admits that he is referring to himself.

3.At my daughter’s birthday party, I got mad at SpongeBob because he took off his helmet and started smoking cigarettes in front of the kids. Nobody told me SpongeBob was fresh out of jail. I’m going like what?
Hart talked about doing a cheap birthday party for his daughter. He described the party taking place in his backyard like any normal parent. It included cheap food and a cheap SpongeBob mascot who was just released from prison for assault.

4. A celebrity friend of mine invited me and my daughter to Disneyland to a birthday party he was throwing for his son. When I got there, no one else was there but us in the whole park.
Hart talks about the way celebrities spend money like water. He goes into how this makes him paranoid when he sees them do this. This triggers him into confessing to his friends about his bank accounts and his credit card not being any good.

5. I’m in the middle of spelling a big word at a spelling bee and dad treated it like an athletic event saying, “Alright, Alright! My son spelling all these damn words.”
Hart shared his dad would yell out like a cheerleader at his spelling bees which threw him off on stage when he was trying to spell. He went on to say he never got over these experiences with his dad.