Courtesy of RoLexx

Khalid gained the attention of the music industry in the most gen-Z/millennial way possible: by uploading his material to SoundCloud. Since then the former military brat and member of the Army choral group has made serious headway into the industry, with some help of some diverse music videos.

Here are the 5 best Khalid music videos:

5. OTW

Khalid, along with 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign, get their Boyz II Men/Jodeci/Dru Hill on, donning matching outfits while crooning "You said you left your ex, that dude was always gassy, You said before me, you ain't never been this happy." There are plenty of cars and ladies on display to make this video a loving throwback to the grand and grandiose days of 90's R&B.

4. Love Lies

Featuring Normani from Fifth Harmony, Khalid appears as best-dressed valet ever. Things get interesting once Normani arrives as she strip-struts down a hotel hallway, giving Khalid a peep show for one as she gyrates with some hotel curtains while he peers from below. Khalid applauds her via text, the highest form of approval from a gen-Zer.

3. Better

Dancing in a parking lot never looked so cool, thanks to a team of BMWs doing donuts around the singer (all hail stunt drivers!). Khalid also gives new meaning to 'cruising' as he sings while being driven around on the hood of one of the BMWs. A woman appears sporadically but you can tell the cars are Khalid's true love interest.

2. Location

The debut single from Khalid (he was so new, his name is phonetically spelled out for the viewer), has the singer alone in the desert (draped in the American flag at certain points) asking his love interest for a more personal connection than just texts. The texts lead to a house part where Khalid realizes he's mere feet from his love interest. Will our hero hook up with his honey? Signs point to 'Yes!'

1. Young, Dumb & Broke

Featuring cameos by Dennis Haskins (of Saved By the Bell), Wayne Brady and Rachel Leigh Cook, "Young, Dumb & Broke" has Khalid in a high school setting singing about "Young dumb broke high school kids." While every high school stereotypical image from school cheerleaders to the class clown are featured, it's no surprise this video became such a hit for the freshman singer given that Khalid is barely out of high school himself.