5 best Lil Yachty lyrics
lil Boat

When Lil Yachty calls his music “bubblegum trap” it’s a little like Cartman from "South Park" calling his antics “sweet nothings:” It’s a bit of an understatement. One might be surprised that that the catchy pop-trap sounds behind the teen’s music hold some often very-trap harder-hitting hip-hop lyricism. In “5 Things You Didn’t Know about Lil Yachty,” we mentioned the rapper doesn’t drink or do drugs, but he still strongly represents the trap side of the tracks in songs like “Like Wassup” where machismo reigns. For your reading pleasure,  AXS took the time to find the lyrics that keep Lil Yachty’s music pop and trap at the same time.

5. “We Got It

In usual braggadocios rap fashion, Lil Yachty gives himself credit for being a hot young man walking in the club with a girl who doesn’t hold her tongue. What’s most impressive is that he manages to shout out Bob the Builder and Aretha Franklin in the same verse. The song was a collaboration with Rich The Kid in preparation for a 2016 mixtape, Lil Boat and the Goat.

Best Lyrics:

"Damn, walk in the club with the auto spitter
My [chick] don't use no filter
Came in the club with bout 60 goons
And they all keep tools, Bob the Builder
Make 'em sing like Aretha Franklin
Youngest [guy]  in the world bankin'"

4. “Sad

This teenage angst song by Kodie Shane and featuring Lil Yachty is largely about a girl who wants her boyfriend to not be so teenage-y in his ways and give her a call, apologize for some mishap and love her. Lil Yachty comes in with his verse and reassures Ms. Shane that he is the one for her, not that boyfriend she’s going on about.

Best Lyrics:

"Baby, I been working so hard just to get your attention
Your ex-boy mad, yeah I can feel the tension
I guess if he really ain't talking direct
Then he didn't really mention
Nothing 'bout me and you and what we gonna do
How we run up a check on these fools
We matching twin Beamers, we skrt in the lane"

3. “No Hook”       

Featuring Quavo, “No Hook” is all verses and no chorus. It’s also one of his more self-reflective moments. It’s not exactly an autobiography, but he and Quavo say at the end that it is the “realest” they’ve been on a track.

Best Lyrics:

"Never thought that I would ever make it this far
Dropped out of school and started swerving foreign cars
Young reckless nigga catch me standing on the bar
I remember back in high school I was servin' bars
When my bro got locked up we had 30 in the jar
Aye, 30 grams
Aye, yeah, grand slam
Watch me when I pull up, I'ma pull up trans-am"

2. “Such Ease

Okay so maybe Lil Yachty has a little more self-reflection going on that his most popular songs give him credit for.  In “Such Ease,” featuring his Sailing Team members, Burberry Perry & Tyler Royale, the rapper talks about his experiences growing up without much and rising beyond that part of his life.

Best Lyrics:

"We no longer live the same life no more
I remember nights we slept on the floor
Now we can buy 'bout anything when we please
We survived through the breeze with such ease
We no longer live the same life no more
I remember nights we slept on the floor
Now we can buy 'bout anything when we please
We survived through the breeze with such ease
Such ease
We survived through the breeze
Such ease
We survived through the breeze"

1. “1 NIGHT

As you can tell by the title in all caps, Lil Yachty is very serious about not having a wife. In sing-songy fashion with a funny/trippy music video to match, Lil Yachty describes how he's enjoying the single life and wants to keep it that way. The track itself holds the bubblegum sound and the lyrics are the trap.

Best Lyrics:

"I know you want this for life
Taking pictures with all my ice
But I can't have no wife
I just want you for the night"

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