5 best Lizzo music videos
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Lizzo’s fans who have followed her music journey since her humble days of gigging around Minneapolis to her first two album releases with Lizzobangers (2013) and Big GRRRL Small World (2015) are likely raising their banners loudly and proudly that she’s finally getting the attention she deserves with her 2019 breakout album Cuz I Love You.

The Detroit native singer-songwriter, rapper, flutist, and actress is boldly kicking off a new decade with a jaw-dropping eight Grammy nominations to her credit. The critically acclaimed collection also puts her in the running for the coveted Grammy Trifecta at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards: Album of the Year (Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) and Record of the Year and Song of the Year for “Truth Hurts.”

Lizzo is all about spreading her message of self-love and positivity in body, mind, and soul in her growing catalog of hits. She’s also using her voice and platform to promote acceptance and equality as a major supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Likewise, her music videos embody that same energetic, funky, feel-good, feel-yourself, fun-loving spirit that drives everything Lizzo does. While it’s definitely hard to pick favorites, we’re presenting our picks for the 5 best Lizzo music videos below.

5. “My Skin”

This song from Big GRRRL Small World is one of Lizzo’s most compelling ballads.

Lizzo posted a statement about the song under the YouTube video, issuing a plea to her viewers: “This is a summoning of bodies: all shapes, sizes, and shades to unite in their pride, and wear their skin like the gift it is.”

She addresses issues like racism and body shaming in the track while ultimately learning to love herself and the skin in which she was born. The slow-rolling, vulnerable visual features different closeups and camera angles of Lizzo and two other women in a wide-open and mostly empty space. Like the song itself, the video is stripped back and emotional.

In one of the track’s most bold and beautiful lines Lizzo sings, “I woke up in this, I woke up in this/In my skin/I can’t wash it away/So you can’t take it from me/my brown skin.”

4. “Water Me”

“Water Me” has been used in various creative mediums including the comedy movie “Blockers,” a Black Friday commercial for Walmart, and in a viral TikTok challenge.

In an interview with The Fader, Lizzo explained that the song “is about needing nourishment, it’s about being loved for who you are.” This is important for any type of relationship; you have to nurture and care for it – like watering a flower – to help it grow.

Lizzo added that in the music video, she and her creative team are “celebrating black beauty and the meaningful freedom of water.”

Throughout the visual, black babies, children, and adults are bathing, shampooing, laughing under sprinklers, and being refreshed by water. Overall, the video projects a vibrant, fun-filled flow that pays homage to one of our planet’s most vital natural resources.

3. “Good As Hell”

This infectious lead single from Lizzo’s 2016 debut EP Coconut Oil worked its way up the rapper’s ranks of popular hits after being re-released as a single in 2019. It gained even more chart traction – shooting all the way to the top of multiple Billboard charts – including the Dance Club Songs chart – with popular club remixes.

The video also got a fantastic reboot that premiered on December 9, 2019, on YouTube. It serves up a sweet tribute to Lizzo’s marching band school days featuring The Human Jukebox and the Fabulous Dancing Dolls from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The revamped visual delivers all the expected marching band pomp and circumstance while celebrating loving yourself after a tough heartbreak. Plus, Lizzo leads the students through practice and rehearsals with plenty of hair-tossing, nail-checking sass. It’s just so much fun!

2. “Juice”

“Juice” is arguably one of Lizzo’s best, most-defining songs. It’s an upbeat empowerment anthem with a strong retro funk-pop vibe. She sings about all the ways that she’s a queen. One of the track’s most uplifting self-love lines is “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine …”

The video won a Soul Train Music Award for Video of the Year. It features hilarious throwbacks to ‘80s workout videos, cheesy infomercials, and classic late-night talk shows. Lizzo lifts weights and displays her exclusive line of Juice beauty products to her unseen audience with tantalizing ease. In all ways, the video shows Lizzo at her juicy best and helps us all understand why her fans can’t get enough.

1. “Truth Hurts”

“Truth Hurts” is Lizzo’s first Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping single. It was originally released in 2017 but gained popularity after being featured on TikTok and in the Netflix movie “Someone Great.” The song earned three Grammy nominations (results pending) for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop/Solo Performance at the upcoming 2020 Grammy Award ceremony. As far as confident breakup anthems go, “Truth Hurts” is one of the baddest on the music block.

The video opens as altar-leaving Lizzo boldly declares that line that’s reverberating ‘round the digital world, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that b*tch.” She’s not crying at the altar. Instead, she’s whooping it up with her friends in her wedding gown –essentially telling anyone who’s not getting the love and respect they deserve to love themselves more and promptly do the same. We love it!