5 best Lorde music videos

You know her songs from the radio, but how many of Lorde's music videos have you had a chance to see in our MTV-less day and age? While the importance of a music video is not quite what it was prior to music going widely digital, now they remain an important way for pop stars to set themselves apart and portray themselves to audiences. What direction an artist chooses to take in her music video can be the way audiences remember her for years to come. Here, we have chosen five of Lorde's best, proving the superstar has been able to nail it time and again.

1. "Green Light"
In the video for the lead single off Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama, the singer is seen in alternating clips, either dancing around a street at night, or in close-ups taken in what appears to be a dance club. The video manages to perfectly capture the emotions Lorde is conveying through the lyrics, which are just a little part of the fast-paced life lived by both Lorde and regular girls everywhere.

2. "Team"
One of her most visually awe-striking videos, "Team" takes audiences to a mythological location where Lorde herself is hiding out in a lush jungle dressed as an ancient goddess. Cross-sectioned with the video is a tale in more modern times, showing some of the troubles that teenagers of today can get up to at a seemingly abandoned seaport. At the end, the worlds collide, when one of the boys is injured and brought into the room of ancients where Lorde is residing.

3. "Tennis Courts"
Harkening back to one of Lorde's more gothic moments, "Tennis Courts" is a quirky video featuring nearly three and a half minutes of just her staring at the camera. In the clip, she is wearing a black fishnet top and heavy makeup, and the only words she is seen uttering in the video are the song's random bursts of "yeah." "Tennis Courts" winds up being a good example of how to pull off subtlety.

4. "Yellow Flicker Beat"
The video for Lorde's track taken from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, this video is one of the more cinematic in the singer's repertoire. She can be seen both in a bedroom scene with uncharacteristically short hair, as well as looking more normally and dancing in various places such as a foggy highway, an empty basketball arena, and in a dark room under lights. Also tied in is a random formal party, and though none of the clips seem to have any connection to The Hunger Games series, they perfectly suit Lorde's style.

5. "Royals"
Last but not least, "Royals," the song we all came to know and love Lorde for. The video makes about as much sense as the song itself, showing what appears to be the daily life of a young male, while cutting in with Lorde well-dressed and singing to the camera. As Lorde sings about people dreaming about a richer life, the guy we follow seems to be living the exact opposite, sitting before a broken television set and swimming in a not entirely clean swimming pool. Lorde's royals may be driving Cadillacs, but this guy has to ride the subway. Hey, we can all dream though, can't we?