5 best Luke Laird lyrics

Luke Laird may not be a known name to the general masses but his songs sure are. Luke Laird is one of country's top songwriters who has written for and with names such as Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and many many more. In 2002, he landed a publishing deal with BMG and his first cut "Painless" appeared on Lee Ann Womack's 2005 record There's More Where That Came From. AXS is taking a look at the 5 best Luke Laird lyrics. Note: All songs are co-writes.

5. Carrie Underwood "Undo It"

Carrie Underwood's "Undo It" was written by pop songwriter Kara DioGuardi, Marti Frederiksen, Luke Laird with some input from Underwood. It was included on her third album Play On and was released as the third single from the set. It reached No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart while peaking at No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track also crossed over and hit No. 25 on Adult Pop Songs, also known as Adult Top 40.

Best lyrics:

"You stole my happy
You made me cry
You took the lonely and took me for a ride
And I wanna un un un un undo it
You had my heart now I want it back
I'm starting to see everything you lack
Boy you blew it
You put me through it
I wanna un un un un un undo it"

4. Eric Church "Drink in My Hand"

Eric Church joined Michael P. Heeney and Luke Laird to co-write "Drink in My Hand" included on his album Chief. It was the second single from the album and it became Church's first No. 1 single after nine previous single releases.

Best lyrics:

"Early Monday morning, til Friday at five
Man I work, work, work but I don't climb, climb, climb
Boss man can shove that overtime up his can
All I want to do is put a drink in my hand
To fill it up, or throw it down
I got a forty hour week worth of trouble to drown
No need to complicate it, I'm a simple man
All you got to do is put a drink in my hand"

3. Lady Antebellum "Downtown"

Originally planned for Miranda Lambert, Laird co-wrote "Downtown" with Shane McAnally and Natalie Hemby and the track was cut by Lady Antebellum. The track was the lead single from their fifth album Golden in 2013.

Best lyrics:

"Well, all the parties on the streets are talking
Store front mannequins sleeping in lights
We used to smoke while we were jaywalking
Like it was your birthday every other Saturday night
Knew the bands so we never paid our cover
Wrote our names on the bathroom tiles
We never dressed to impress all the others
They would let us in on a laid back kind of style
But boy you know it's been a while"

2. Miranda Lambert "Smokin' and Drinkin'"

Also written by the above songwriters, "Smokin' and Drinkin'" was released as the fourth single from Lambert's fifth album Platinum featuring Little Big Town. The nostalgic track was a moderate hit for the singer-songwriter peaking at No. 32 and No. 33 on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts respectively and was one of her lowest peaking singles. However, the track is one of those lovable tunes to sit by a bonfire with good friends having drinks and reminiscing over old memories.

Best lyrics:

"It was one of those times, what a real good time, felt like a long time ago
It was one those fires that burned all night and made your blue jeans smell like smoke
Hanging with friends, going again start upbringing, smokin' and drinkin'
It was one of those girls and one of those guys who didn't know quite what to do
We were going along with what was going on saying, "I think I love you"
And I think about us now every time that I go out smokin' and drinkin'"

1. Kacey Musgraves "Blowin' Smoke"

Luke Laird, Shane McAnally and Kacey Musgraves co-wrote her entire debut album Same Trailer Different Park with the former two producing the set as well. The "chill" song was released as the second single to the set. The song is about a waitress down on her luck and wants to do more, but won't. It has a double meaning as in she's smoking a cigarette but she's also "talking sh*t" knowing she won't reach those aspirations.

Best lyrics:

"Between the lunch and dinner rush
Kelly caught that outbound bus for Vegas
We're all out here talking trash, making bets
Lips wrapped 'round our cigarettes
She always thought she was too good to be a waitress
We all say that we'll quit someday
When our ship comes in, we'll just sail away
But we're just blowin' smoke
Hey yeah
We're just blowin' smoke
Heay yeah
Out here goin' broke
Hey yeah
Yeah we're just blowin'