5 best Maroon 5 music videos

Maroon 5 has recorded some of pop music's biggest hits, but they're also well known for their music videos. The Grammy Award winners regularly release music videos that are fun, creative and don't always have a lot to do with the song. Watch the 5 best Maroon 5 music videos by clicking the links below, then get tickets to see Maroon 5 live here at AXS.

5. "Don't Wanna Know"

Maroon 5's sense of humor was on full display when they released the "Don't Wanna Know" video, which quite clearly parodied the "Pokemon Go" fad. Adam Levine and his bandmates looked ridiculous, yet somehow still adorable, in giant costumes making them look like cartoon creatures. The situations they got into were equally ridiculous, with them partying too much and having to run away from people who wanted to capture them. Add in a few celebrity cameos, and it really didn't have much to do with a guy pining after his ex-girlfriend, but it was fun and creative. Watch it now by playing the video at the top of this article.

4. "Sugar"

"Sugar" has almost three billion views on YouTube and with good reason. It may be one of the most heartwarming music videos of all time. There's nothing outrageous or cutesy here; it's just the band going from place to place, surprising couples with unexpected performances at their weddings. For fans watching at home, it's great to see the reactions of all the wedding guests, and how much Maroon 5 clearly enjoys playing for them. But what makes it even better is realizing that by making this video, the band changed those couples' lives and gave them a moment they're going to remember forever.

3. "Makes Me Wonder"

The video for "Makes Me Wonder" was more classic Maroon 5, when their videos were more focused on the band. That, in turn, allowed the watcher to focus more on the song that won them one of their Grammy Awards. The video also accomplished the difficult feat of making the inside of an airplane look like fun as Levine strode down the aisle of an empty aircraft. The lighting in this video was amazing, too, with the band playing the song bathed in the glow of red and blue neon lights. It was a scaled-back video that still visually popped and showcased the band's talent more than anything else.

2. "Misery"

Maroon 5 took their music videos to another level with the release of "Misery." The song is about a man who's chasing a woman even though it makes him miserable, and the video tells that story quite clearly. Levine takes an absolute beating in this video, as his would-be love interest (played by his then-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna) roughs him up in a bathroom, chases him through Los Angeles, and gets him hit by a car. The video shows plenty of physical misery to demonstrate the physical misery. It also was the first video where the band did something really over the top, and it clearly stuck because their videos haven't been the same since.

1. "Payphone"

For a prime example of how far Maroon 5 will go to make a great music video, look no further than "Payphone." What happens in the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song, which is about a man who's just been dumped by his girlfriend. Instead of a breakup video, music fans watch Adam Levine working at a bank, then the bank gets robbed, and then Levine is mistaken for a bank robber by the cops and winds up in a police chase. The video starts and ends with him walking away from a burning car. It's not relevant, it doesn't have any deeper meaning, but it is awesome to watch and there's no doubt that the band put so much creativity and time into it, so it's impossible not to love.
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