5 best Meek Mill music videos

Prior to becoming a successful hip-hop artist, Meek Mill honed his skills as a lyricist on the streets of Philadelphia where he became well-known in the realm of battle rap. Now, he's using his platform to remedy the criminal justice system and inspire his fellowship to create multiple streams of revenue in order to improve their local communities. Surprisingly, with these goals in mind, the quality of his music has remained unaffected and even improved since his arrival on the music scene in nearly a decade ago. 

Meek Mill's ability to overcome adversity and translate his experience into art is single-handedly changing how we view societal standards in a multitude of ways. While some of his earlier content may have lacked substance, he's always provided quality vibrations regardless of the subject matter and becomes much more of a polished emcee as time moves forward. Now, with his latest album, Championships (2018), still ringing fresh in the ears of hip-hop enthusiasts everywhere AXS has listed his top five music videos to date. With that said, check out the list below. 

5. "House Party" feat. Young Chris

"House Party" was one of Meek Mill's first singles to help him propel into the limelight of mainstream hip-hop. Visually, Meek Mill's aura of innocence pertaining to the grim realities of fame and the music industry had yet to introduce themselves in this music video. The house party theme aesthetic was well-executed while the former Roc-a-Fella representative, Young Chris delivered a flawless guest verse on the club anthem. The added guest appearances by Rick Ross , Yo Gotti , comedian Lil Duval , and LA Clippers' star, Lou Williams were perfectly cameoed.

4. "Litty Again" feat. Tory Lanez

Extended cinematic versions in hip-hop have been lackluster in recent memory. Surprisingly, the Spike Jordan-directed single "Litty Again" tapped into the conniving underground world of scamming and identity theft. Both Meek Mill and Tory Lanez perform their verses in front of a gaudy backdrop of luxury vehicles and private jets. While the fraudulent Ocean's 11-esque suspects in video eventually escape the grips of the law by fleeing the area via one of the plush planes. The video's theme may be questionable but it's definitely imaginative and entertaining.

3. "Going Bad" feat. Drake

Some could argue that this is Meek Mill's greatest artistic visual to date. The cameos by T.I. , the recently laid to rest, Nipsey Hussle , and others are all pleasant surprises. The perfectly drifting shots of the sepia-toned venue drenched in Victorian art, architecture, and marble floors alongside the dramatic game of chicken between Meek and Drake make the visual more aesthetic-pleasing. Unfortunately, the music-stopping scenes of Meek Mill and his crew at the horse races and in the of a meeting didn't come to a satisfying climax but Meek and Drake reached the number six spot on the Billboard Hot 200 during the song's peak popularity.

2. "1942 Flows"

"1942 Flows" is an important part of literature in regards to Meek Mill's experience for being charged with a felony parole violation for riding a dirt motorbike while in the streets of New York. Meek's calling appears to be found throughout his lyrical exercise display throughout "1942 Flows." The deep arpeggiated synth and reverb-heavy chorus provide a sonically haunting experience. The sky shots of the William Penn-topped Philadelphia City Hall building, his interviews with the press, and protesting citizens are visual representations of Meek Mill's beginning as a justice system reforming activist. While "1942 Flows" was a shift from Meek's usual braggadocious subject matter it helped him become of hip-hop's current pioneers for social justice.

1. "Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)"

Some hip-hop legends weren't able to land a classic record early in their careers like Meek Mill has. Meek's "Dreams & Nightmares (Intro) is a hood staple that is going to be around for decades to come and it's not because of the visual. While the dream-like effects and monochromatic flashing visuals add to Meek's emergence from the back of a police van are great, it's Meek's cadence and the subject matter that makes "Dreams & Nightmares (Intro)" what it is. It's one of the most aggressively motivational songs in recent history and honestly, it might not even be Meek Mill's best he has to offer.