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This weekend, the first-ever All My Friends Festival took place in downtown Los Angeles—at Row DTLA. Curated by Gary Richards, formally of HARD Events, the two-day festival mixed electronic, hip-hop and more amongst three stages on the festival grounds. With an impressive lineup—including RL Grime, Gucci Mane, Jhené Aiko, Jamie xx and M.I.A., the first year of a festival was a complete success. Take a look at five of the best moments of the weekend below.

1. M.I.A. brought dozens of girls on stage for "Bad Girls"
During M.I.A's set—one of the best of the weekend for sure—M.I.A. called for girls from the audience to join her on stage for her hit "Bad Girls." As soon as she announced it—women from the audience rushed the stage to get a chance to dance with M.I.A. and her hype girls on stage. While security was worried about all of the girls jumping over the gates to get their moment of fame—M.I.A. showed the least concern with her "I don't give a sh*t" attitude. Definitely the most empowering moment of the festival.

2. Jhené Aiko brought out Big Sean during her set
Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are one of the cutest couples in hip-hop (she even has his face tattooed on her arm). The two have a few songs together, so when she brought out her boyfriend at the end of her set on the first night of AMF, the crowd went wild. The two performed "Moments" and "OOLA" together to bring the whole set together. Aiko is great on her own, but it was a bonus that the crowd got to see the rapper show his love and support. 

3. Jamie xx played a complete vinyl DJ set
Jamie xx of the trio The xx closed down the festival on Sunday night—playing a set completely on vinyl. These days, it seems as if you're always staring at an Apple computer during a DJ's set—but not for Jamie. The producer played an eclectic mix of all types of music, casually switching through his vinyl collection for an hour and 15 minute set—proving his pure talent. Also, he opened his set by playing a song dedicated to the late Aretha Franklin.

4. RL Grime played his new album for his hometown 
For the first time, LA-based producer Henry Steinway, better known as RL Grime came out to the festival ready to finally play his latest album NOVA for his hometown. The DJ and producer absolutely killed his set—between the lights, heavy beats and remixes he completely stole the festival. His newest album is even better than his last and filled with features (Miguel, Jeremih, Chief Keff and more). He also of course had to play the hits—"Tell Me" and "Kingpin" because he wouldn't be where he is without those tracks.

5. Gucci Mane was Gucci Mane
Even though he was late for his set (let's face it, most rappers usually show up late) Gucci Mane came to the stage in one of his best outfits to date (besides his wedding outfit of course). Wearing a leopard print tracksuit, shirt open and of course more diamonds than anyone at the festival combined. He came out and played all of his hits— including "Freaky Girl" and some of his new ones—"I Got The Bag" and of course "Black Beatle" which he made with Rae Sremmurd. Check out him and Big Sean backstage at the festival here.