5 best moments from The Game Awards 2018
via: youtube.com (thegameawards)

The Game Awards 2018 concluded with much hype for upcoming games and plenty of praise for its nominees. “God of War” clinched the coveted Game of the Year award, numerous live musical performances highlighted the score from several video games, and world premieres were handed to us like candy.

Some moments stand out more than others. Who knew that The Game Awards could be so thrilling? Don’t worry if you missed out on watching the show though; we have got you covered. Here are the five best moments from The Game Awards 2018.

5. The Game Awards has their own theme

Musical performances at The Game Awards are always a treat, but this year was special. The Game Awards got their very own theme song! The moment was made even cooler by seeing legendary composer Hans Zimmer rocking out on a guitar.

4. Pepe the Prawn is a presenter

Normally, The Game Awards selects icons in the gaming industry or film stars to present the awards to the games they are honoring. This year, for Best Independent Game, they were able to snag a Muppet to be a presenter! Pepe the Prawn presented the award to “Celeste” alongside Ninja, and it was a comedic moment that should be remembered for all of history.

3. SonicFox accepts his award

Dominique “SonicFox” McClean’s acceptance speech for Best Esports Player was wild. For just a hint of what it consisted of, let’s just say there was a ton of high-pitched giggles, a furry suit, and proud proclamations about sexual preferences. Honestly, despite the flak SonicFox might receive for his speech, his exhilaration at receiving his award and his genuine nervousness in front of the crowd definitely endeared him to us.

2. Mortal Kombat 11 reveal

At one point, we all thought we were going to run through a list of the nominees for Best Sports/Racing Game. Instead, the theater suddenly went dark, the lights flashed, and we were treated to a phenomenal “Mortal Kombat 11” trailer. Chills went up our spines, and they haven’t come back down since. We feel kind of bad for the winners of Best Sports/Racing Game, “Forza Horizon 4.” They were clearly outshined by the epic fight between Raiden and Scorpion

1. “Read it, boy.”

It was time to announce the winner for Content Creator of the Year. “God of War” voice actors for Kratos and Atreus, Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic respectively, were the presenters. However, a long pause ensued after Judge prefaced the announcement. He glanced down at Suljic who was idly holding the envelope with the winner’s name in it. In the most perfect Kratos voice imaginable, Judge said, “Read it, boy.” And the crowd went wild.