5 best Monsta X music videos
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MONSTA X has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame since they blasted onto the K-pop music scene in 2015. The South Korean boyband originally arrived as a septet with members Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, I.M, and Wonho. Wonho left the group in 2019 and now MONSTA X is comprised of the remaining six members.

The group has accomplished a lot in their relatively short career. In less than five years, they’ve released three Korean albums and two Japanese albums. To launch the new decade, the boys will drop their first-ever English-speaking album, All About Luv, in February 2020.

MONSTA X has captured the hearts of millions of international fans called “Monbebes” with their silky-smooth harmonies, feisty rap songs, tightly-choreographed dance moves, and undeniable charm.

Overall, the band has proven that music truly is a universal language. Fans in countries everywhere have fiercely embraced their songs, despite most of them being sung in Korean and Japanese. They’ve also clocked millions of views on their music videos, which tell the stories of their hit songs in vibrant, colorful, and often dramatic ways.

Though it’s admittedly hard to choose their best visuals, we’ve compiled this list of our picks for the five best MONSTA X music videos.

5. “Trespass”

This song is the title track and lead single from MONSTA X’s 2015 debut EP of the same name. The story is gritty and intense. The video deserves kudos as being among the band’s first visuals. The boys are in their true hip hop element throughout the video, which plays like a movie. Police storm the industrial lot where the group is singing and dancing and eventually, they are locked into jail cells. The action is really intense. Plus, the pulsating synth is intimidating and underscores the captivating dark tone of the video.

4. “Follow”

This video for this uptempo track from the group’s seventh mini-album, Follow: Find You is bathed in fiery images of the MONSTA X members dancing on a clock, in different moments of shadows and light, and even underwater. They show off lots of complex choreography and the intermittent chants of “Woo” amp up the excitement as the visual story unfolds.

3. “Somone’s Someone”

“Someone’s Someone” is a beautiful ballad from MONSTA X’s upcoming English-speaking album All About Luv. The romantic single and video dropped in October 2019. The stunning visual opens with the boys standing on a dock looking out over the water. The sound of waves crashing into the shore floats through the background. The scene shifts to the boys singing under umbrellas in the pouring rain saying, “We all wanna be someone’s someone.” It’s light, wistful, and romantic in the best kind of way.

2. “Find You”

Of all the MONSTA X MVs, “Find You” is arguably the most emotional, tear-jerking one. It also plays like a mini-movie in which Hyungwon gets into a car accident with his parents. He wakes up in the hospital with his band members around him, and sadly, his parents didn’t make it. He uses a mysterious watch to try to turn back time and stop the accident. It doesn’t work.

Clips from videos for “Dramarama," “Destroyer," “Shoot Out," and “Alligator” are woven into this video, to show an interconnecting story for all five of them. The raw sadness Hyungwon shows throughout the video is heartbreaking. The tragic story and riveting video make this video a MONSTA X standout.

1. “Hero” Rooftop Version

The video for the band’s 2015 single “Hero” bears the distinction of being MONSTA X’s most-watched video, garnering over 97 million views to date. The boys are performing the track on a rooftop helipad. The setting is simple, yet stunning and prompts viewers to focus on just the group members and their intricate dance moves. Plus, shooting the MV at that height is really gutsy, which makes the visual one of the group’s most daring and fun.