5 best Old Dominion lyrics

Comprised of five successful songwriters, it isn't terribly surprising that country band Old Dominion has some of the craftiest lyrics around. Although its members have composed hits for some of the genre's heaviest hitters, they've (wisely) saved some of their boldest compositions for themselves. Old Dominion is nominated for Vocal Group of the Year at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards (grab tickets here). Check out some of their strongest lyrics below. 

5. "Crazy Beautiful Sexy

The band admits this love song "for sure falls in the candy category" of their Meat & Candy offerings, but that doesn't make it any less delectable. The sweet sonic love letter has its narrator admitting he became completely subject to change once he met his beloved. 

Best Lyrics:

"I never liked Def Leppard 'till I heard you sing that song
Never wanted to go to Cali 'till you had that t-shirt on
Never wanted to change my style, change my point of view
The truth is girl, I'd take this whole damn thing and change it all for you."

4. "Til It's Over"

With creative word play, infectious rhymes and refreshing honesty, this song coasts and cruises til it's over. It's the perfect song for accepting (and enjoying) a romantic situation for whatever it is. 

Best Lyrics:

"It is what it is 'til it was what it was
Let it do what it does 'til it's over
If it's right then it's right
If it's wrong then it's wrong
Let's keep playing the song 'til it's over

If it's love, if it ain't, if it's only the drinks
And it just hangs around 'til we're sober
It is what it is 'til it was what it was
Let it do what it does 'til it's over
'Til it's over"

3. "Break Up With Him"

The first song that all five members wrote together, Old Dominion's debut single reflects the admirable confidence of both its narrator and the new band. "It's just a song about getting what you want, going after what you want when you see it," the guys explained in album commentary. "We think that's important, even when, especially when, it's for a girl.

Best Lyrics:

"You would've hung up by now if you weren't thinking it too
No pressure, whatever, just do what you gotta do, but if I was you
I'd tell him that it's over
Then bring it on over
Stringing him along any longer girl, it's just wasting precious time
Girl, you know it can't wait
Just rip it off like a band-aid
Yeah, I know I said it, but I'll say it again, I know you ain't in love with him, break up with him"

2. "Nowhere Fast"

This nostalgic jam recounts young romance through momentous imagery and creative metaphors. The song's blend of yearning and contemplation, thunder and calm has connected with fans who appreciate dichotomy and nuance. "Whenever Trevor launches into that acoustic part of ‘Nowhere Fast,’ people cheer," Matt Ramsey told Billboard. "They know it.”

Best Lyrics:

"Red sky faded to black 
A couple cans deep in a six pack
World disappearing around us
Temptation always found us

With beer on our breath in a parking lot
Kill the headlights so we wouldn't get caught
Radio glow on the dash
We were messin' around
We could hardly breathe
Breakin' new ground in my back seat
We had our foot on the gas
Goin' nowhere fast" 

1. "Song For Another Time"

Made up of 20 hit song titles, this patchwork puzzle of beloved rock, country and pop songs takes an indirect approach to storytelling. The chorus alone name checks everyone from Van Morrison to Katy Perry to Guns N' Roses. After coming up with the song's title, the guys developed the unique concept: “We wound up thinking, ‘What if we could tell a story about a couple that is losing each other, but they’re still trying to hold on and hold onto this moment?" Ramsay told People. "And tell it using song titles." 

Best Lyrics:

"Let's be "Brown Eyed Girl," "Sweet Caroline," 
"Free Fallin" “Small Town Saturday Night”
Before you lose that loving feeling
Let's go "Dancing on the Ceiling" 
Keep on living that "Teenage Dream"
"Paradise City" where the grass is green
Pretty soon I'll be "So Lonesome I Could Cry" 
But that's a song for another time"