5 best Old Dominion music videos

Old Dominion is on their way to becoming the next best thing in country music. After writing songs for fellow country artists Chris Young, The Band Perry and Tyler Farr, it was time for the group to rise to prominence. After receiving the "Best New Group" award at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2016 and "Vocal Group of the Year" in 2018,  the band has solidified themselves as a household name in country music. Their first hit song, "Break Up With Him," came off of their self-titled debut EP, selling over 1,000 copies in 2014 and the song landed on the top spot on the Country Airplay Charts in 2015, shortly before the band released their debut studio album Meat Candy. Since then, the band released their second studio album Happy Endings and opened for Kenny Chesney. They are currently on the road supporting their latest hit Make It Sweet, making it their first headlining tour along with  Morgan Evans, Jordan Davis, and Mitchell Tenpenny. Like their music, their videos are also fun. Here are our five picks of Old Dominion's best music videos. 

5. "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart"
One of the band's more animated videos, the 80s themed, 8-bit heart intro is a definite attention getter. Throughout the video, it includes comic book-like animations with the band receiving "power-ups" and "bonus points" for doing good deeds. The video is visually appealing and nostalgic with a couple of chuckles in between. Both the song and video are catchy and entertaining. 

4. "Written in the Sand"
The documentary-style video is always nice for fans to get a glimpse of what they do both prior to shows and after shows when they have days off in between. Jet-setting, surfing at the beach, taking great polaroid pictures, and writing and playing music is what the group likes to do in between shows, showing their other side other than performing at shows and doing interviews all of the time. It is refreshing to see a video that looks at the band's perspective. 

3. "One Man Band
Another behind the scenes glimpse at the band, only this time in rehearsals. Making music and playing those songs in a show can be challenging, but with a good support team and communicating with each other is important, which is shown in this video. In a press release, the band discussed the song saying "Sure, you can make music alone. But if you find people you have a chemistry with, a whole new world opens up.” This video does just that. 

2. "Snapback"
The idea of clashing a country song with a video that normally fits the stereotypical rock band video landscape is appealing and nostalgic. Skateboarders, graffiti, and a band playing in the middle of the skateboard park are exactly what this music video provides, giving a different take on country music videos. Snapbacks and t-shirts with rock bands are well suited when watching this video. 

1. "Break Up With Him"
Being their first breakout hit, the video itself is a great first impression of the band. The video showcases the band doing what they do best, singing and swooning over women at a high school dance. Lead singer Matthew Ramsey signs to one girl to "break up with him," referring to her jock-like boyfriend. The video gets an extra bonus for referring to the all-time classic film Back to the Future