5 best Sarah Silverman jokes

As a female comedian, Sarah Silverman has made a successful career out of saying the things that most people think about but very seldom say. When she stands on the microphone, she owns the stage covering topics that would be considered off limits. Her fearless sense of wit has allowed her to bring her comedic edge attacking subjects like modern culture, sexism and even politics. From her live stand-up concerts to the Emmy nominated "Sarah Silverman Program," she continues to maintain her own as a comedienne with a zeal for taking on edgy material with natural and energetic hutzpah. Here are five of Silverman’s best jokes to take on and enjoy.

1.I’m popular for a Jew.
On a CNN interview with Piers Morgan, Silverman was asked if America loves her. She shared that being popular was odd to her because she is Jewish. She went on to talk about the challenges of stereotypes and how she does stand up to tell it like she sees it.

2.What is it about Christmas that you think that Jews hate? Do you think we hate the giant spike in retail? Is it the royalty checks on every Christmas song?
Silverman presented a comedic monologue on "I Love You, America" where she talked about the war on Christmas. She also talked about myths and stereotypes about holidays in relation to Jewish culture.

3.If I tell the truth, it’s because I tell the truth not because I put my hand on a book and make a wish. 
Silverman's lets loose on her show entitled, "Religion is Crazy." She talks about the practice of swearing to tell the truth. She said that in her view people should keep it real when they talk about things even in court. In her routine, she states that she doesn't need to swear on a bible to tell the truth. She's going to tell the truth because she is Sarah Silverman. From her perspective, that should be enough.

4.Jonah actually gained 50 pounds in his new Martin Scorsese film because they were looking for a Jonah Hill type. Jonah on a scale of 1 to 10, do you have a scale?
Silverman stepped to the plate on a full roast of Jonah Hill. She started out with solid jokes about his career, weight gain/loss, and other topics that left Hill in a state of laughter.

5I love you California. I love you New York and I love you whatever this state is.
Silverman's song improvisation on patriotism took on a new twist complete with a celebration of cultures, gender identity and a playful mini-monologue on her angst for being blamed for the plight of other cultures, but not really.