5 best Seth MacFarlane jokes

Seth MacFarlane is a comedian best known for his political satire, quick wit and solid celebrity impressions. His ability to create fun character voices led him to produce the hit animated series “Family Guy.” From his appearances on primetime television shows to table reads with “Family Guy,” here are 5 of MacFarlane’s best jokes and characters for your amusement.

1. "Being called a genius in Hollywood is kind of like being called thin at Disneyland. It’s not a part of the picture, ok."
MacFarlane is known to his fans off camera as a down to earth type of guy. When he was nominated for The Critics Choice Awards, he was taken by surprise and even more so when he was announced as the winner of the genius award. Instead of giving the usual award speech thanking friends and family, MacFarlane delivered a humorous speech stating that he is not a genius. He joked about winning the genius award labeling himself as a regular guy and questioned why anyone would choose him for this type of an award. His speech left the audience in a state of laughter.

2. "Doc, Doc you can't you can't just create a universe out of a marble."
When MacFarlane sat on a panel on The Bill Maher Show. MacFarlane was asked if he could do a comedic impression of the popular character, Marty McFly. He transformed into McFly who proceeded to explain the structure of the universe in a spot-on impression creating a great comedy moment.

3. "What would Stewie say about me hosting? Who the hell do you think you are?"
MacFarlane takes time to give his take on Stewie on the Graham Norton Show. When he was asked about what Stewie would think of him becoming a show host, MacFarlane became the character of Stewie answering the question with this solid joke that led to applause and laughter.

4. "I'll take a bagel, cream cheese and a Josh Groban CD."
At the request of Jimmy Fallon, MacFarlane delivers a spot-on impression of Bobcat Goldthwait during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. MacFarlane shuffled his hair and began a comedic stuttering performance in classic Goldthwait style. He created a scene where Goldthwait was placing an order at a Starbucks landing this solid joke at the moment. 

5"As a pilot I get a lot of layovers and a lot of lay unders."
While participating in an on-camera interview on the Bravo channel, MacFarlane expressed that  Quagmire wanted to be interviewed instead of him. His voice changed into Quagmire’s voice who proceeded to talk about his career as an airplane pilot. This joke came from a moment when he talked about his dating life conflicting with his schedule of flying planes.