5 best songs about September
The Bangles

The fall season of the year is a popular subject when it comes to familiar songs that make their way to hit records. Songs with the theme or title of September are plentiful when it comes to lyrical storylines by some of the music industry’s most prolific artists. These songs cover multiple genres of music and range from love songs to dance tracks the like. Here are some of the best songs about September. Select the song title to have a listen to each. 

5. "September" by Chris Daughtry
Rock artist Chris Daughtry made his national television debut on Fox' American Idol. "September" is a pop/rock ballad that tells the story of a person reflecting on meaningful life moments. The track features Daughtry on lead vocals and guitar with his full band. This particular song became one of his standout hits as a pop/rock release. It is featured on his cd release, Leave This Town.

4. "September Gurls" by The Bangles
The Bangles hit the music scene as a fresh all-girl musical ensemble with roots in California. As band mates, their vocal harmonies and instrumental sound revolutionized the art of pop/rock in a unique way. Their hits include "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "September Gurls." This popular September song is featured on the Bangles' album release, Different Light.

3. "September Morn" by Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond coined this romantic ballad and pop classic. His melodic vocals took the song from an idea to a heartfelt classic. This song is one of his most requested songs when performing live. It is featured on Diamond's cd release, September Morn.

2. "See You in September" by The Happenings
Before they were The Happenings, the all-boy band landed on the music scene calling themselves the Grads after just graduating from high school. They later renamed the band as The Happenings and recorded this hit track laying down solid vocal harmonies making this pop track their own. The Happenings released this hit record on their album release, Back to Back.

1. "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire
When it comes to R&B, Earth, Wind & Fire hit the music scene like a force of nature complete with a big band sound that delivered soulful R&B mixed with jazz."September" is an upbeat R&B track that turned out to be one of their biggest hits by far.  The track is featured on their classic R&B album release, The Best of Earth Wind & Fire.