5 best songs from Keith Urban's 'Graffiti U'
Keith Urban/YouTube

Country star Keith Urban revealed to fans in January 2018 at a surprise show that he was readying to hit the road again and also release new music just two years after 2016’s Ripcord.

The new album Graffiti U continues on an energy, a feeling, that Urban has built since 2013’s Fuse. “U” is the first letter of his last name but also means “you” while “Graffiti” is a blank canvas for the songwriter to create his masterpieces. The hitmaker drifts into more diverse sounds outside of country as he did on Ripcord though some tracks are more full on pop than they are pop laced. The end result is another pleasing record that has both its somber moments and its high energy thumpers.

AXS takes a look at the 5 best songs from Keith Urban’s Graffiti U.

5. “Horses” featuring Lindsay Ell

Featuring Canadian country artist Lindsay Ell, “Horses” is a feel good mid-tempo jam where Urban is convincing someone to let go of insecurities, enjoy the world and let the young and wild spirit be set free. The person doesn’t realize their potential but hopes they’ll be able to push themselves to the limit to love life.

4. “Way Too Long”

Keith Urban has always had a way with ballads. “Way Too Long” is introspective in a way that sees Urban trying to open himself up. He’s felt a certain way for too long and it’s too late with his set stubborn ways. His heart has made up its mind that it’s too hard to change. “Despite the look that’s in your eyes/ I know how hard you’ve tried/ To break my stubborness/ Do your best to pull me out but I’m buried in this mess,” he confesses.

3. “Texas Time”

“Texas Time” is a highlight on Graffiti U with such a funky vibe that it’s hard not to groove along. The song is about slowing down to enjoy the countryside, good people and taking someone along for the ride to just get lost and breathe in the air. Along with a breezy carefree message, there’s a hint that he’s looking for a little romance as well.

2. “Gemini”

“Gemini” may be one of the most experimental tracks that Keith Urban has released similar to the sound of “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” from Ripcord. He’s got his eye on a beautiful woman who knows how to play the game not only with her looks but her brains - a “gemini.” Even though a departure from country music, Urban still features a ripping guitar riff to capture the sexy finesse of the song.

1. “Same Heart”

While many of the stronger tracks on Graffiti U appear later on the album, pop gem “Same Heart” helps set the tone as track No. 3. It incorporates straightforward pop music elements especially in the chorus with an upbeat pounding drum. Though he’s been trying to move on from an old love, he’s still reminded of her despite different songs on the radio, different people at his hangout. The scars are still there in his heart which remains the same.

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