5 best songs from Kelly Clarkson's 'Meaning of Life'
Kelly Clarkson/YouTube

Kelly Clarkson released her seventh non-holiday LP Meaning of Life on Oct. 27, 2017 and it's a new outlook on her career and who she is. Strong and confident, Clarkson created a "grown ass woman's record" as she prefers to call it. Each song on the 14-track album has its own character and story to tell and the three-time Grammy winner doesn't hold back. It's the first album under Atlantic Records where she was given the freedom she earned since her 2002 beginning. AXS is taking a look at the five best songs from Meaning of Life.

5. “Whole Lotta Woman”

Clarkson had a hand in writing “Whole Lotta Woman,” a sassy track beaming with that confidence. “I’m a whole lotta woman/ From the way I walk and toss my hips/ I’m a whole lotta woman/ From the sound of my voice to the gloss on my lips,” she sings in the chorus joined by her touring backup singers. After making no mistake declaring who she is, she finishes the song giggling at one of her backup singers showing she’s just having fun now.

4. “I Don’t Think About You”

“I Don’t Think About You” is a hard hitting ballad closer to the end of the record. Though Clarkson didn’t write the song, it sounds like she could have with lines of being through with a situation. It also sounds like it could be directed at her former working relationships within RCA. “Weighing down on me/ I lost my sanity/ Now that we are through, nothin’ left to prove/ No I don’t think about you,” she sings in the builder.

3. “Go High”

In 2016, former First Lady Michelle Obama inspired millions with her phrase, “When they go low, we go high.” It certainly inspired Clarkson to write “Go High,” the closer on Life. Obama replied to Clarkson’s song in a letter thanking her for keeping the message alive forever in a song. Vocally, Clarkson used many effects she’s never indulged in fitting the lines of the song. “High” makes for the perfect ending.

2. “Move You”

“Move You,” the album’s power ballad, was released along with lead single “Love So Soft” and has been pegged as a favorite on the record. In “Move You,” Clarkson uses her lower register in a stunning vocal performance. Though she utilizes the sultry side of her voice, that doesn’t stop a hurricane of wails once the song reaches its peak. By the time the song is over, it lives up to its name. Upon release in Sept. 2017, Clarkson performed the song live for “Nashville Sessions” and other media outlets.

1. “Medicine”

Clarkson unleashes her fury on the 90’s throwback “Medicine.” Released as the second single, it amps up the funky bass, reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s early work. She’s over someone and walking away not even caring after giving plenty of chances. “And I know without it I’m strong/ Can’t hold me down long/ I’m not bothered anymore,” Clarkson thoroughly makes her point.