5 best songs from P!nk's 'Beautiful Trauma'

In October 2017, P!nk released her seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma, the long-awaited follow-up to 2012's Truth About Love. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Top 200 Albums chart with 408,000 total units and of that, 384,000 were in actual sales thanks to a CD/ticket bundle and was at that time the largest sales week of 2017 (Taylor Swift trumped that when reputation was released a month later. The album kicked off with lead single "What About Us?" followed by the title track. On the heels of the third single "Whatever You Want" being released, AXS is taking a look at the 5 best songs from P!nk's Beautiful Trauma.

5. “Revenge” featuring Eminem

P!nk teamed up with Eminem on the track “Revenge” which was floated to be the second single before the official release of the title track. The song is reminiscent of the early music by Lily Allen led with a beat and simple instrumentation as well as a throwback to P!nk’s beginning.

4. “Whatever You Want”

Though a bit cliche lyrically, “Whatever You Want” is one of those songs that has a magnetic sing-a-long chorus. “It feels like our ship’s going down tonight/ But it’s always darkest before the light/ And that’s enough for me to try whatever you want/ Whatever you need,” she sings. The breezy track is set for an Adult radio release on June 4, 2018 as the album’s third official single.

3. “Barbies”

Beautiful Trauma is more mid-tempo influence compared to her albums that contain more sassy tracks. “Barbies” is a sad highlight on the album about going back in time when life was easy as a child. “They say that things were simple then/ Although I don’t remember when/ I wanna know what happens next/ Where do we all go?” she sings on the relatable ballad.

2. “Secrets”

“Secrets,” track No. 9, is simply put as just cool. Windows down on a hot summer day, the song’s sound feels like you’re driving into a sunset and is most in line with her previous hits.

1. “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”

“Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” just may be the not only the standout track on the latest album, but also P!nk’s most vulnerable with a message of immense strength coupled with some of her best vocals of her career. P!nk performed the song at the 2018 Grammy Awards with a signer and as always, her voice soars without a flaw (see attached video above).

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