The 1975

The 1975

Photo credit: Magdalena Wosinska

Manchester, England has a history of birthing vital bands. Everyone from Herman's Hermits to Oasis to Take That came from the northern city. With their 2013 debut The 1975, The 1975 was added to that list bringing their version of Manc pop rock to the masses, helped along by engaging visuals.

Here are the 5 best The 1975 music videos:

5. Chocolate

One of the singles from their first album The 1975, "Chocolate" is highly stylized video reminiscent of the Anton Corbijn-directed music videos he did for Depeche Mode. But instead of smashing a car a la 'Stripped," "Chocolate" finds the Manc band touring the streets of London on a rainy night, not really going anywhere in particular. Given that the lyric 'chocolate' is a euphemism for weed, the wandering around with no purpose makes total sense.

4. Somebody Else

Opening with a very David Lynch-esque sequence, "Somebody Else" eventually finds The 1975's lead singer Matty Healy stumbling around town longing over a lost love as he sings "So I heard you found somebody else, And at first I thought it was a lie," while going through almost all the stages of break-up grieving in a 5 minute song. There's disbelief in a diner, getting into fights, drunk karaoke (who hasn't been there) and sleeping with a stripper in the backseat of a car. The Lynch mode returns as it looks like Healy is really interacting with himself (including the backseat) the entire time.

3. The Sound

For "The Sound," The 1975 turns into an art installation, performing in a glass box with hot pink lights while observers, all dressed in white, critique the band. Real comments made about the band over the years appear on pink cards (including the ouch-inducing "Terrible high-pitched vocals over soulless robo beats") as the critics, by video's end, end up trapped in the box they built for the band.

2. Robbers

Bonnie and Clyde get the English treatment in this video although this time it's Bonnie who's calling the shots as Healy sings "Her balaclava is starting to chafe, When she gets his gun he's begging, babe stay, stay, stay, stay, stay." (I'm pretty sure this is the first time 'balaclava' has been used in a pop song. This quickly go downhill has the pair stage a robbery in order to get money for their drug habits, with Healy getting shot in the process. This time, however, Bonnie and Clyde survive.

1. Girls

Starting with Matty Healy complaining about the video's set-up saying that "We're not a pop band," "Girls" turns out to be the band's most tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek video, and its poppiest. Surrounded by models in a series of absurd and cliched music video situations, the video's color palette is that of the Skittles' rainbow, a departure from their standard monochrome style, as the band acts out mock despair while being surrounded by said glamour girls before eventually skulking off.