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The sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival wrapped up Sunday night at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, and as usual, Tyler, the Creator went above and beyond to make sure this festival compared to the past five years. Over the course of two days, Tyler and Odd Future fans dressed head to toe in GOLF gear hustled back and forth between two stages to see some of the best names in hip-hop and beyond for two sold out days.

The great thing about Camp Flog Gnaw is that there is more to do than just see music. There are carnival rides and games, a ton of food options and so many different varieties of merch—it's hard to pick just one piece of clothing to take home. 

Check out some of the best moments from Camp Flog Gnaw 2017 below and take a look at our photo gallery above. Photos all taken by Corey Cretney.

1. Taco's DJ set
Most people are familiar with Taco because he basically is Tyler's sidekick—and he generally just DJ's. It was interesting to see his name on the bill on the Camp Stage (the main stage) right at sunset, but he is opening for Tyler on his upcoming Flower Boy Tour and played an impressive set with Dillon Francis the previous year. Playing songs from Kendrick Lamar, Drake and every other hip-hop artists was the perfect way to captivate the crowd and at least get them dancing. Tyler made an appearance, although he didn't perform, during Taco's set with a video camera, and he also welcomed out YG and Ty Dolla $ign to play some of their own tracks.

2. Tyler sitings
One of the best things about Flog Gnaw is how involved Tyler is with his fans. Throughout the festival, it wasn't uncommon to see Tyler at the front of the stage, supporting his acts. He made small appearances all throughout the festival—posing for pictures by the giant Minion by the carnival rides, holding a bouquet of flowers with Kendall Jenner and front row for Earl Sweatshirt. It's obvious to see how truly invested he is with his festival, and it's reassuring to see that he isn't just behind the scenes at the festival—he is up close and personal with the artists and fans.

3. "Who Dat Boy" with Tyler and A$AP Rocky
On Sunday night, Rocky was slated as one of the headliners and if it was going to be anything like his set the year prior on the same stage, there were obviously going to be a slew of musical guests. On Saturday night, fans were surprised to hear that "Rocky couldn't make it" to Tyler's set, so fans hoped that Tyler would make an appearance with Flacko, and of course it did. The song has only been performed just a handful of times, and the two rappers' energy while performing it is contagious. It set the stage for the rest of Rocky's set.

4. The style
It was almost impossible to find someone at Camp Flog Gnaw who wasn't wearing GOLF gear or Camp Flog Gnaw merch. Almost everyone—both guys and girls—were dressed like Tyler with his signature cropped pants, high socks, Converse or Vans, a dad cap of some sort and shirts with wild prints. It's clear how much of an impression Tyler makes with his style, and his involvement in the fashion industry and with skate brands is just a part of what makes this festival standout from others. If you didn't have merch before you entered the festival, you could get official GOLF merch if you were willing to wait in line, and there were numerous merch stands scattered around the festival grounds.

5. New music
A lot of attendees have seen many of the artists who were on the bill numerous times, but this weekend, new music was performed and released that people have yet to see. A$AP Rocky debuted a new song in the middle of his set, after Tyler joined him on stage, fueling rumors that his new album would be released soon. Earl Sweatshirt performed on the Flog Stage Sunday night, telling the crowd he was playing not just a "new song," but a "new, new song," which was expected since he is also rumored to be releasing new music soon.

Take a look at our best photos from Camp Flog Gnaw right here, and we'll see you next year at the carnival.