5 best Tiffany Young music videos

Very rarely does an artist find success after being a member of a highly-popularized pop collective. However, the Korean-American K-Pop sensation turned R&B/ pop music songstress, Tiffany Young has accomplished just that after selling out arenas around the globe and selling millions of records as a member of the South Korean-based K-Pop super group known as Girls' Generation. At the tender age of just 12 years old, Young lost her mother.  Just three years after the passing of her mother, Stephanie Young Hwang, better known by her stage name, Tiffany Young, was discovered by an SM Entertainment rep and moved to South Korea to hone her craft at the age of 15.

 The now 29-year-old singer has an established and dedicated fan base, in-depth knowledge of the music industry, and the charming personality of a bonified superstar that has allowed her to become a respected solo artist. And now, AXS is here to break down some of her most prominent and regarded visuals for her artistry. Without further ado, check out Tiffany Young's top five music videos of her career thus far. 

5. Tiffany Young – "I Just Wanna Dance"
"I Just Wanna Dance" was the lead single from her first-ever solo EP of the same name, I Just Wanna Dance, that released in May 2016. This particular project and track were completed while she was still signed as an act with SM Entertainment before she left the label the following year in Oct. 2017. While Young might have had her differences with SM Entertainment, the label did provide the "Peppermint" singer with her first opportunity and funded her most-viewed music video to date in "I Just Wanna Dance."

Visually, "I Just Wanna Dance" doesn't bombard viewers with a bunch of special effects or wow you with unattainable film locations but it does allow Young to flex her acting chops on screen. In the video, a visibly exhausted Tiffany Young enters a restaurant in old-school black and white fashion only for her world to be brought to life and drenched in color as she dozes off. In this dream state, Young and her dancers flawlessly execute their choreography and shives out her desires to do just as she wanted and dance freely without judgment or any concern. Unfortunately, Young wakes up from her brief siesta only to be back in her colorless diner setting. 

4. "Heartbreak Hotel" feat. Simon Dominic
While the piano chords of Tiffany Young's "Heartbreak Hotel" carry the vibrations of a ballad, the heartbeat-esque drum pattern of the composition scream guaranteed hit pop record. And despite the track being mostly in Korean, there's no denying that the context of this particular number is something no one wants to experience. "Heartbreak Hotel" is definitely the most cinematic music visual in Young's video discography and another video where Young gets to exercise her acting skills for her supporters to savor.  

Throughout the video, Young and her lover can be seen playfully frolicking from setting to setting. Whether the two flames were embracing one another in the privacy of their living quarters or holding hands in a nightclub, both Young and her love interest were convincing in their roles. Unfortunately, for Young, she goes on to discover that her significant other wasn't a righteous suitor for her needs. A dark haze was captured throughout the visual which perfectly describes one's vision and inability to see clearly when suffering from heartbreak. "Heartbreak Hotel" was definitely well-executed. 

3. Tiffany Young – "Teach You"
The unorthodox production, abstract instrumentation, and the warmness of Young's voice in "Teach You" create this concoction of curiosity that compels its listeners to follow the song's lyrics. While "Teach You" might be a revenge anthem for scorned partners, it's still whimsical and provides listeners with a pleasant listening experience. The same could be said for the hymns music video as well. The 1950s style and aesthetic was well-executed while video directing team of VM Project Architecture did an excellent job of experimenting with pastel-hued filters and monochromatic color blocking in the interrogation room scene. "Teach You" might be one of the most satisfying on-film, crime of passion murder the music video realm has seen in quite some time. 

2. Tiffany Young – "Lips on Lips"
In regards to "Lips on Lips" as a song, it's definitely one of Tiffany Young's stronger musical offerings. The simplistic instrumentation, well-layered bass line, and pop groove/subject matter are all factors to be appreciated, even by the most casual music fan. The German production duo known as 9AM definitely did "Lips on Lips" justice for the budding pop singer/songwriter. As for the visuals, "Lips on Lips" might have one of the better costume designers the masses have seen in a music video visual in quite some time. Every article of clothing was custom crafted and unique. The one-of-one design team in combination with the coral colored, rose-covered platform, ivory pillars, and contrasting black background are all easily accessible objects to obtain but curated to perfection to create a high-quality visual that represents playfully lustful "Lips on Lips" single.  

1. Tiffany Young – "Runaway" feat. Babyface & Chloe Flower [Korean Remix Music Video]
The musical composition that is "Runaway" is so well-crafted that the video's complimentary clean-cut aesthetic is an additional bonus. The video directed by Nikko Lamere & Transparent Arts' utilization of the atmospheric setting in combination with Young's flawless cream/white ensemble, white piano, and lavishly-dressed pianist complimented the warm hues of the grass-covered heels in their surroundings. The subtle camera movement and cinematic transitions create this gravitational-less experience from the viewer's perspective.

Nothing is too visually jarring or disruptive to Tiffany's vocal performance and the song's subject matter. It also doesn't hurt to have a song featuring an R&B legend like Babyface and Chloe Flower on a project of yours either. Tiffany Young has the opportunity to become one of the biggest international superstars of this current generation if she continues to pump out high-quality content as she has been doing in recent months. The sky's the limit for the multifaceted starlet. 

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