5 Best Tyler Rich Lyrics

Most mainstream country fans probably haven't yet have heard of singer and guitarist Tyler Rich. The handsome musician from Yuba City, California only has a few singles and a four-year-old EP to his name, but the emerging artist brings plenty to the table when it comes to catchy, guitar-driven country tunes, in addition to some pretty strong vocal abilities as well.

Rich could probably be considered an “indie country” artist from an industry perspective. He’s currently signed to Big Machine Records, the same label that’s made a huge mark in mainstream music over the last decade thanks to big releases from Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. While Rich may not be to the level of popularity of artists like Swift, he’s got the vocal power and the charm-like marketability to keep female country fans swooning with those heartfelt lyrics of his. So as Tyler continues to establish himself within the country community, here are five of his best lyrics that any serious fan should know by memory.

5. “11:11”
Rich’s latest single, “11:11,” is about as country as it gets. The single was shared late last month and starts out with honest, real lyrics to which anyone can relate. Country music and its related genres (folk, Americana) have always touched on real stories of real people, and Rich’s opening lyrics to “11:11” continues that same tradition. Any hard-working American can relate to the optimistic start to their day by getting coffee and a lottery ticket from a gas station after being up all night. It may not be perfect, but it’s a country-esque way of saying keep on truckin’!

“Black coffee from a Texaco
A lotto ticket cause you never know
Another up all night, moving slow
It's 11AM but I'm good to go”

4. “The Difference”
One thing you’ll notice when listening to Tyler sing the words to his other 2018 single, “The Difference,” is that his lyrics are very modern. Country themes can be so involuntarily outdated sometimes, as it’s so easy to write a song about some girl isn’t answering your love letters from far away. The words which Tyler is singing about in “The Difference” seem to attach onto an emotional string for fans who are living in 2018, as he touches on themes like waiting to text you back and how subtle wording in a text message can mean the world of difference.

“I'm sick of waiting ten minutes just to text you back
So you don't get to thinkin' that I'm too attached”

“There's a difference between "miss ya" and "I miss your face"
And there's a difference in "what's going on?" and "baby, how was your day?"

3. “California Grown”
Some artists are forever attached from the community who builds them up early on in their career. The Grateful Dead’s connection with San Francisco and Aerosmith’s connection to Boston are just a few examples, but Tyler Rich’s connection to his home in northern California may be one of his proudest attributes as a musician from the west coast. As Rich recently admitted, growing up in California had a huge influence on establishing his country music roots, as evidently heard in his biographical lyrics for “California Grown.”

“I've played 46 out of the 50 states
For the last 10 years just trying to find my way
But every time I leave I just wanna come back home
I'm California Grown”

2. “Brothers”
Rich’s 2015 track “Brothers” may or may not be about his own sibling, but its universal lyrics can be applied to any friendship which most fellas or ladies could connect to. From beginning to end, the song touches on flashbacks as well as appreciating the comradery and connection that any siblings could establish after a lifetime of adventures and experiences together. Regardless of the destination or present situation, any lifelong journey brings with it the unbreakable bond that Tyler sings about proudly, as seen in the song’s best lyrics below.

“Everything that I've been through with you
Every little white lie, every truth
Taught me we can never break in two
Cause we are bulletproof”

1. “Turn It Up”
Country music is party music. Anyone who says differently either hasn’t listened to enough of it or is just going into it from the wrong angle. That’s what Tyler tries to go for in the 2015 single, “Turn It Up.” Country music should cover themes ranging from hopping in the truck, heading down to the bar with some mates and drinking cheap beer all night long. Sure country music can be overly romantic and cheesy, but when it’s not, it’s full-on party mode.

“Stop at home, grab your hat and throw your boots on
There's a party downtown goin' all night long
It's 2 for 1 and Johnny pours em real strong”