Photo credit: Sean Murphy

Long before Leslie Jones and Matt Damon debated the merits of Weezer, the L.A. rock band has been cranking out hits for the better part of two decades. Along with those hits, Weezer has been releasing music videos that are unique, memorable and often hilarious.

Here are the 5 best Weezer music videos:

5. Beverly Hills

In what may be the most surprising setting for a Weezer video, "Beverly Hills" was filmed at the Playboy Mansion with a cameo from Hugh Hefner himself. Combining Weezer fans with Playboy Playmates, the band takes over the complex, even filming in the infamous grotto and holding a fairly tame game of Twister (this is Weezer after all). As odd as it may see to see playmates and band fans merge, it more than proves that Weezer's music definitely brings people together.

4. Pork and Beans

By 2008, internet sensations had become a thing - mostly due to a humiliation factor for the subject of the video. Having fun with this, Weezer decided to incorporate some of the more well-known sensations into the music video for "Pork and Beans" including Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Cocker, Caitlin "People don't have maps" Upton and Kevin Federline, having them lip-sync along to the song. Looking on this video now, it's a bit dated with the Soulja Boy dance and Diet Coke/Mentos challenge but it's nice to know there's an afterlife after experiencing utter humiliation.

3. Hash Pipe

After the commercial failure of their second album Pinkerton in 1996, it seemed that Weezer was done for good. Flash forward to 2001 with the release of "Hash Pipe," the first single off their third album Weezer (The Green Album), Weezer announced that they were back in a very big way. So they decided to go big with the music video. Sumo wrestler big. Positioned in a circular ring the band trades off with sumo wrestlers who go from wrestling their opponents to playing the band's instruments. Explaining the concept to Rolling Stone at the time, lead singer Rivers Cuomo explained, "They have huge tits. We heard T&A videos were big, so this is our version of a T&A video. There are some serious ass shots that you won’t believe."

2. Keep Fishin'

It seems if any band should partner with The Muppets, it should be Weezer. The pairing thankfully happened in 2002 with a fairly simple premise: Weezer is set to perform "Keep Fishin'" at The Muppet Show but their drummer Patrick Wilson has been kidnapped by Miss Piggy due to her amorous intentions towards him. Animal has to fill in on drums (of course). Patrick has to escape from Miss Piggy. Backstage and onstage hilarity ensue rounded off by a perfect Statler and Waldorf crack at the end.

1. Buddy Holly

Besides being Weezer's best music videos, it's one of the best music videos period. Released in the pre-internet/pre-YouTube days of 1994, back when the 'M' in MTV actually stood for 'music,' "Buddy Holly" caused the "Have you seen the video for...?" word of mouth that most artists only dream about. Directed once again by Spike Jonze, this mash-up with old Happy Days footage featured Weezer as the house band at Arnold's Drive-In with actor Al Molinaro doing a cameo. With brilliant editing and incorporating Henry Winkler as Fonzie dancing, the video garnered massive attention for the band, even giving extra street cred to the Fonz. Said Winkler, "I have these guys to thank for making me cool in the eyes of my children for the first time. They never cared about Happy Days till Weezer met Fonzie."