5 best Zac Brown Band music videos
YouTube/Zac Brown Band

Ever since the Zac Brown Band came onto the scene in 2002, country music has never been the same, in a good way.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the eight-piece band has created some of country music's more memorable modern hits, and have garnered a number of great awards for their talent. Speaking of hits, the number of songs under their belt have also come with a multitude of great music videos, and to do the hard job that no one else will do, we’ve counted down the five best videos from the Zac Brown Band.

Sit back, and enjoy.

5. “Knee Deep” ft. Jimmy Buffett

You know you have hit the big time when the legend himself, Jimmy Buffett, agrees to collaborate on a song. “Knee Deep,” from the band’s 2011 LP You Get What You Give, has a festive, laid-back sound that takes the spirit of the Zac Brown Band and rolls it into Buffett’s paradise sound. That’s what makes the video such a pleasant one to watch, as it showcases the Zac Brown Band in Buffett’s element, and it doesn’t nearly take away from the band’s country roots.

4. “The Wind”

By 2012, the Zac Brown Brand was on a roll, racking up number one hit after number one hit. Their videos were also becoming iconic, and for the 2012 single “The Wind,” the band decided to make it into a hilarious cartoon about life in the country backwoods. It may have been a sarcastic view of backwoods life, but it was awesome to see the band have great fun with their folksy, country charm.

3. “Chicken Fried”

Before the Zac Brown Band become big, they were already making some awesome videos to try to get the band out there. One of their earlier videos was “Chicken Fried,” which has gotten lost somewhat in their more famous hit catalog, but, nevertheless, reminds those who have just caught on to the Zac Brown Band of their Georgia roots, which they still incorporate into their current sound. The video is simple but wonderful, catching the spirit of the Georgia countryside, and showing that all Georgia country folks need is a grill, family, good friends, and a great band to have a great time.

2. “Jump Right In”

Before this video came out, many were used to hearing the Zac Brown Band in their more comfortable, Georgia-country screen. But, “Jump Right In” find the band incorporating tropical soca rhythms to go along with their country vibe. The video echoes the relaxing, Florida Keys-like vibe of the track (it was, indeed, filmed in Islamorada, Florida), and while some critics didn’t really get the song, as with “Knee Deep,” it was great to see the band jump out of their element and incorporate new sonics into their sound.

1. “Sweet Annie”

Looking for the perfect wedding song? One can’t look further than the Zac Brown Band's “Sweet Annie.” The single showed another side of the band, a tender side that they’ve revealed over the career, but not to the effect shown on “Sweet Annie.” The video to the single is simply beautiful and will provide the perfect wedding song that will last memories.