5 best Zedd music videos

Zedd is a Grammy-winning DJ and producer who continues to discover new directions for EDM with his gift to create unique collaborations with top vocalists in the pop and rock industry. His beats in surround sound of a dance club drive fans to travel from around the world to see his live show. With his new residence in Las Vegas-based venue, The Omnia in Las Vegas,  Zedd rocks the house to large crowds of EDM fans. In addition to his prolific EDM beats, Zedd’s music videos merge art, multimedia and vocal features that embody a visual arts experience for fans to enjoy. Here are 5 of the best music videos by Zedd.

5. "The Middle"

Zedd collaborates with Maren Morris on the track. The video drives the power of the live performance as an art form. Morris travels up an elevator in the video leading to a large stage with multiple break dancers moving to the beat of the track. The video features techno lights and fireworks that set the tone for Morris' electric performance.

4. "Stay the Night"

This track is upbeat with a bouncy feel create by Zedd's original beat. The video reveals layers of a story of a whirlwind romance between two people with no commitment to each other. It starts with energetic vocals by Hayley Williams from Paramore. Williams is featured as a singer and musical narrator of the video. The video shows a couple contemplating staying the night together nestled on a couch leading to the couple break dancing and performing acrobatic dance moves to the high energy dance beat.

3. "Find You"

Zedd collaborates with Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant on this hot club track. The video tells the story about a relationship that is about to start. Matthew Koma opens the video singing that leads to a room with a view of nature in the backdrop. The story shifts to a dance club scene to Miriam speeding on a motorcycle on the highway while being followed by a large flock of birds flying behind her on the ride. The video captures the essence of the adventure of starting a relationship.

2. "Stay"

Zedd joins forces with Alessia Cara on this super club track that tells the story about the power of falling in love. Cara is featured in the official lyric video belting out power vocals. The video shows a myriad of visuals including moving visuals of the landscape of a large desert that floats over her melodic vocals. The video speeds up time in an artistic display moving sunup to sundown and back again in fast motion visuals that keep up with Zedd's beats in the groove he creates.

1. "Get Low"

Zedd teams up with Liam Payne from the hit boy-band One Direction in this street video full of high energy beats and a crowd partying on the street. The video opens with Payne and Zedd walking to the center of a major area of foot traffic in London. Zedd plays keyboards bouncing to Payne’s vocals surrounded by a crowd of people that gathers resulting in a major street party. The beat is dynamic with a Caribbean undertone to this EDM dance track.