Brava album

Brava album

Photo courtesy of Lail's Instagram account / Sony Argentina

Argentinean pop star Lali Espósito, simply known as Lali, released her third album Brava (Brave) on Aug. 10. Lali has conquered the market locally so to spread her reach across Latin America, she teamed up with artists from countries like Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela. Her first features-filled record has meant opportunity for her brand of Latin pop to explore different genres as well in these collaborations. Here are five bravo moments on Lali's Brava album.

1. "Besarte Mucho"

Before getting into the collaborations on Brava, let's make one thing clear: Lali can do bad all by herself, especially on "Besarte Mucho" (Kiss You a Lot). The track is an unbelievable blend of salsa and bolero music that taps into the trap music of the times. Lali seamlessly switches from seductive songbird to Argentinean trap queen in control. Lali leaves her mark with this genre-bending bedroom banger.

2. "Sin Querer Queriendo"

Lali regrouped with Venezuelan-born brothers Mau y Ricky, who put her in a global spotlight with the remix of "Mi Mala" featuring Karol G, Becky G and Leslie Grace. On "Sin Querer Queriendo" (Loving Without Love), Lali, Mau and Ricky turn up the heat as they fight the feelings developing from a fling. Reggaeton beats back the trio's sultry vocals. It's easy to fall in love with this Latin pop romp.

3. "Mi Última Canción"

Mexican pop band Reik joins Lali on "Mi Última Canción" (My Last Song). Reik is known for their beautiful, heartfelt ballads and that's exactly what Lali replicates with the trio. Her voice soars with Reik's lead singer Jesús "Chuy" Navarro as the two share their jaded feelings toward love brought on by an ex. They save the best for last (technically second-to-last) on the album.

4. "Caliente"

Lali breaks out of the Spanish-speaking bubble with Brazilian superstar and drag queen Pabllo Vittar on "Caliente" (Hot). Brazilian funk with house music-influenced beats soundtrack Lali and Pabllo's detailed account of a hot-and-heavy hookup in the club. Vittar translates the action into Portuguese and flawlessly joins Lali on the massive Spanish chorus. The Latin queens come through with a dance track that's both bilingual and fierce.

5. "Salvaje"

Spanish heartthrob Abraham Mateo hooks up with Lali on "Salvaje" (Wild). Slinky synths and shuffling beats back Lali and Mateo trading verses about how crazy they drive each other... for better or worse. Two of Latin music's hottest pop stars together equals one insanely sexy and irresistible track. Lali and Abraham can't be tamed on this beast of a banger.