5 exciting things you may have missed at KCON LA 2019

KCON LA 2019 was bigger and better than ever. This year, over 100,000 people flocked to the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate Korean Pop Culture. With record-breaking attendance, it was no surprise that this year’s event was held in a larger space. With so many vendors and attractions,  it was easy to miss something or simply run out of time. If you were one of the unlucky few that didn’t get to devote all 4 days to the pop culture phenomenon, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 things you may have missed at KCON LA 2019. 

#5 - Food Street

Food Street was a major draw for both KCON attendees and non-attendees. Even though it was extremely hard to miss, if you didn’t take the time to stop at every booth, you were bound to miss some greats. Depending on the day and time, vendors often treated potential customers to free samples or discounts. Since many tended to swing by Food Street to on their way to the convention, it’s likely they weren’t able to take advantage of the great opportunities Food Street presented. Those who did indulged in giant slush buckets filled with boba and feasted on Korean fried chicken, rice balls, and many other tantalizing treats. 

#4 - The Swag

The shopping experience was unparalleled this year. With so much swag devoted to Korean art & music, it was very easy to lose yourself in the grandeur. Many found themselves hopping from vendor to vendor, comparing prices on items, often going back to buy that hat or poster they missed the first time. With so many booths and items to choose from, it wasn’t hard to miss some key items. With this year’s KCON being the largest ever, many items were sold out quickly and weren’t restocked until day 3 or 4. If you were one of the few that got away with those rare BTS collectibles, good for you! Hide them. 

#3 -  The Beauty Products

Everyone knows one of the biggest parts of KCON is the beauty section, and this year’s beauty block was just that - a giant block of space devoted to all things beauty! As a reminder, KCON LA 2019 differed from KCON LA 2018 in one major way - It was in an entirely new space. A bigger space means more room for beauty products and KCON did NOT disappoint. We were met with bigger booths, more samples, and new products. Due to the sheer amount of products to test, attendees were bound to miss a facemask (or 10), but those of you who made it to every beauty booth, were easy to spot - you were the ones with the heaviest bags. If you did miss some goodies, no need to fret. At least you’ll know where to start next year! 

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#2 - The Sales 

One amazing thing about having a larger convention is that many vendors over-stocked their products in anticipation. Since they’d rather you take it home than have to return it to the warehouse, prices were slashed several times. If you didn’t mind doing a little math - you could easily walk away with hundreds of dollars worth of product for half the price. If you didn’t find the vendor that was giving away 20 facemasks for $5, or the one that was doing an all you can carry for $60 - no worries. Next year, bring a calculator and some running shoes! 

#1 -  The Giveaways

Though everyone loves a good sale, there is one thing we love more - FREE! Around every corner, there were ways to walk off with free items. Olive gave out giant snack bags and an opportunity to star in their next commercial. Beautytap returned this year with another excellent giveaway while promoting BTS’ new collaboration with Mediheal. Some of our favorite giveaways made a repeat appearance such as the Instagram friendly OliveYoung and Bibigo. Since lines were insane (as expected when you’re racing 99,999 other people), you were bound to miss out on some crazy cool freebies. If, however, you were able to make it to the front of any line and post all over Instagram without killing your phone battery, then you - my friend, deserve an award. 

We all learn something from attending conventions. From KCON LA 2019, I learned to wear comfortable shoes, bring a back-up phone battery, get there early and create a plan of attack. No matter how much you prepare, there will always be something you miss. If you didn’t experience it this year, it better be on your list for 2020! 

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