5 Love and Rockets songs fans should hope to hear on Poptone's upcoming tour
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Love and Rockets were the lighter, more pop-friendly band that came into existence as a result of Bauhaus' breakup in 1983. Made up of Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins, the band would go on to find success with this group as well with the emergence of alternative rock that was starting to come of age as the 1980s turned into the 90s. 

Two of the band’s members are still active in their new rock outfit, Poptone, which features Ash and Haskins playing alongside singer and bassist Diva Dompe. While Poptone is a completely new concept, the band has also made sure to include some older Love and Rockets songs into the show so far on their current spring tour. So as fans across North America are getting ready to see the band on tour this summer, here are 5 Love and Rockets songs that could and should find their way into the setlist each night.

So Alive

By the time 1989 rolled around, the band had already released four albums. “So Alive” would appear as the second single from their self-titled album released that year, and would go on to be the most successful song of the band’s initial 14-year run. The song certainly lives within the signature style and sound that rock anthems had back then, but would still make for a fun surprise if used every now and then on their current tour.

Angels and Devils

“Angels and Devils” was a spacey power-ballad which really carried that bigger, more dramatic sound which helped to define new wave rock from that era. Its eerie-sounding, atmospheric makeup allows the song to really slip right into a setlist perhaps somewhere in the middle of the show. Need an excuse to really wake up your slumbering inner goth? This song should do the trick.

Sweet Lover Hangover

Take a break from the harder rock sound that the members of the band have become known for, in exchange for an acoustic guitar and bongos. Okay, so “Sweet Lover Hangover” isn’t quite a beach bum anthem, but hearing the acoustic intro transition into a more futuristic rock sound really gives the listener a two-sided win. Found on their 1996 Sweet F.A. album, you can hear the industrial rock influence in this song from similar bands who were also starting to emerge back then.

Trip & Glide

Remember the electronic scene that was booming out of underground parties and warehouses by the mid-1990s? The band must have experienced some of that to create an album like 1994’s Hot Trip To Heaven. This song’s warm and phased out sound mixes really well with the more modern trop-house rhythms. How experimental is the band getting with this song? Experimental enough that “Trip & Glide” sounds like something even Moby would have done back then.

Yin and Yang (the Flowerpot Man)

This drawn out, mostly instrumental track from their 1986 Express album does something very uncharacteristic of their past work. “Yin and Yang” draws its heartbeat from the Americana/country realm with its galloping snare to go along with Daniel Ash’s screaming distorted guitar. Lasting nearly six minutes in length, dig in and channel your inner mountain jam with this rural track.