Photo courtesy of Dumblonde's Instagram account

Pop duo Dumblonde hosted a listening party for fans in Burbank, California on June 2. The ladies - former Danity Kane members Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex - previewed music from their upcoming second album. They also shared stories and inspirations behind the new songs and the making of the record. Here's five moments from the event that will make you excited for Dumblonde's follow-up to 2015's self-titled effort.

1. 'Shore' Thing

During the listening party, O'Day said that the new Dumblonde album was inspired by a "toxic" relationship. Though Aubrey never mentioned anyone by name, she and Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio did split last summer after more than a year of dating. Before playing the new song "Good Luck to the Next One," she revealed, "I wrote this song after I found out 'Jersey Shore' was coming back." O'Day was referring to the recent incarnation of the show, "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation," which saw the return of DelVecchio and his Seaside Heights cohorts.

2. Trump Card?

As Bex was getting ready to put on the new song "Breathe Slow," she asked O'Day, "Aubrey, is there a story behind this song?" Her bandmate reacted like she was surprised and then playfully announced, "This one's about Donald Trump, Jr." Earlier this year, rumors surfaced about the two having an alleged affair in the past. Whether or not Aubrey was being serious remains to be seen, but the song itself was a very sexy dance track.

3. Disco Divas

The listening party was hosted at KreativMndz Dance Academy in Burbank. The studio was done up like a mini Studio 54 with a disco ball in the middle of the room and star-shaped balloons covering the ceiling. As fans walked in, Donna Summer hits blared alongside other disco classics like Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell." The influence of those aforementioned songs could be heard in the new Dumblonde material, especially in upcoming lead single "White Hot Lies." The first album was '80s inspired and now O'Day and Bex are dialing it back to the '70s for their next record.

4. Soul ma'am

In terms of the vocals on the album, O'Day mentioned that she purposely lost her voice before recording to draw out a rawer, rougher edge to it. The story sounded similar to John Lennon's legendary one-take of The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" cover with his worn out voice. Aubrey added that since the Danity Kane and P. Diddy days that she and Bex were groomed to be pitch perfect in the studio. They even had that mindset going into Dumblonde's debut album. For the new record, the ladies learned to embrace imperfections and cracks in their voices for a more authentic performance. It's really apparent with "Lies" as Aubrey and Shannon's vocals hit a soulful stride.

5. Blonde Ambition

For the second album, O'Day and Bex said they were more hands-on in making it come together. Their first record and rollout had a big team behind it. Now, the ladies were trusting their own instincts and working with a smaller, more specialized group who they ran their ideas by for a second opinion. Aubrey did a lot more of the songwriting herself, including some of the melodies. It's shaping up to be a passion project for the two and their most personal release yet. The second album is due out later this year and it will be preceded by the single "White Hot Lies."