x 100pre album cover

x 100pre album cover

Rimas label / Bad Bunny's Instagram account

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny released his debut album X 100pre (Por Siempre, or in English, Forever) on Dec. 23 as a Christmas gift to fans. The Latin trapero that was turning up on every banger in the past few years finally got a chance to put out his highly-anticipated record. The flamboyant artist is feeling himself and in his feelings on X 100pre. Bad Bunny is crossing over as one of this year's headliners at Coachella and embarking on his own tour in the U.S. later this year, so here's five of the best tracks on his latest to get fans ready.

1. "Caro
Bad Bunny is known for his colorful and gender-bending looks. The rapper speaks directly to his detractors on "Caro" (Expensive), boasting that he's going to keep living the luxe life atop hard-hitting trap beats. There's a tender moment where he lets down the front briefly to question those attacking his happiness with the song's co-writer, openly gay artist Ricky Martin, on background vocals. As more people are feeling free to express themselves, "Caro" is a mood rich with unapologetic attitude and self-love.

2. "Mia"
Bad Bunny teamed up with the world's biggest rap star Drake on "Mia" (Mine), their trop-hop collaboration. The GOATs of their genres don't butt heads but instead, they get the party started. Drake allows the reggaeton to run through his veins as he sings in Spanish about making the girl of his eye his. Bad Bunny reiterates the sentiment with the sharpest rhymes, saying he's a Romeo but no Santos (Saint in English, also playing off Romeo Santos' name). This crossover club banger is absolutely captivating.

3. "Si Estuviésemos Juntos"
Like Drake, Bad Bunny also gets into his feelings on the album, especially on "Si Estuviésemos Juntos" (If We Were Together). He penned the haunting ballad with Camilo Echeverry, Mau y Ricky's frequent collaborator. Bad Bunny finds it difficult to move on from a failed relationship. He goes from rapping to wailing for the girl the got away. The flexing and fronting take a backseat to Bad Bunny baring his soul and showing more to artistry than that. "Juntos" is a heartbreaker.

4. "200 MPH"
Bad Bunny joined forces with hit EDM producer Diplo on "200 MPH" (200 miles per hour). That's how fast he goes on his jet ski while flexing his sexual prowess. Backed by carnival-esque trap beats courtesy of Diplo, he unleashes his loose flow to describe his ideal kind of tryst under the sun. Diplo helps the self-proclaimed rabbit go into Energizer Bunny mode on this raunchy and wavy Latin rap romp. 

5. "Tenemos Que Hablar"
Bad Bunny turns the most difficult words said in a relationship into a song on "Tenemos Que Hablar" (We Have to Talk). On the Latin trap scene, he's the most punk artist with his flamboyant lifestyle, so naturally, he injects a bit of that attitude into "Tenemos." Bad Bunny's trap music beats are blended with a punk rock edge as he goes off about getting that detested titular message from his girl and her friends and family. Pushing the genre's boundaries is something to talk about on this amped-up banger.