5 must-see artists at Jazz Aspen Snowmass' Café Summer Series 2018
Jazz Aspen Snowmass

The Jazz Aspen Snowmass' Cafe Summer Series is home to the city of Aspen where jazz fills the air in a festive ambiance reflective of the French Quarter of New Orleans. The summer series takes place at specialty venues like the Aspen Art Museum, The Little Nell and The Cooking School. Roaming from one venue to the next, music lovers can experience the art of live music in a festival setting. 

Here are fIve must-see artists at this year's summer series.

1. The Hot Sardines
The Hot Sardines embrace retro-jazz in their organic sound. They have been featured on jazz festivals like the Newport Jazz Festival. They are scheduled to perform on July 6 and July 7 at the Cooking School of Aspen.

2. Scott Tixier Quintet
Scott Tixier is a popular jazz violinist who has performed with numerous artists including Chris Martin. The Aspen Art Museum will feature the Scott Tixier Quintet on July 13.

3. Igor Butman and Fantine
Jazz saxophonist Igor Butman and vocalist Fantine teamed up to create a unique jazz sound combining the sound of Russian jazz with Dominican flavor. Butman and Fantine will perform at the Aspen Art Museum on July 14.

4. Handful of Keys
Handful of Keys will feature jazz pianists Emmet Cohen along with Christian Sands on this year's summer series.  They will be performing live at the Aspen Cooking School on July 28.

5. Nicki Parrott Tribute to Peggy Lee
Jazz singer Nicki Parrott is preparing to bring her sultry vocals to this year's festival with a heartfelt tribute to the renowned singer, Peggy Lee. Parrott will be performing at the Aspen Art Museum on August 10.