5 must see artists at Tropicalia Festival 2018
Jools Holland/YouTube

Tropicália Festival returns for its second year at the Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, California this fall on Nov. 3-4. The two-day weekend music event could be considered the official end-of-summer closing party that fans in the Los Angeles area will undoubtedly enjoy under the warm southern California sun. The Festival’s 2018 lineup poster features dozens of fantastic performers ranging from Morrissey and Chicano Batman to The Regrettes.

Making out a festival schedule can be a stressful and daunting task, especially when there is a mix of well-known artists who are getting up there in age versus the rising indie stars whom everyone can’t stop buzzing over. Tropicália is no exception, as there are plenty of scheduled performers who are worth checking out over the two full days of music. To help ease your pre-event anxiety, AXS has listed out five artists who you must see, which can be read in the list below. Make sure to get your Tropicália tickets before they sell out, which can be purchased by clicking here.

1. Cardi B
Okay so Cardi may not be the number one choice for those who aren’t interested in pop music, but here us out - Cardi is a flat-out entertaining. She’s outspokenly hilarious and seems to love the role of being the life of the party. Artists with that kind of entertaining charisma should not be ignored. Her single, “I Like It” is without a doubt the unofficial anthem of summer 2018, making her arguably the pop queen of the summer. Tropicália Fest is a Latin-friendly music event in a city full of Hispanic-American pride, so make sure to see one of music’s hottest emerging Latin-based pop singers in a festival setting.

2. Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star may be known to most millennials by their one ballad hit, “Fade Into You,” which is a pretty damn good single to be remembered for. They’ve got plenty of other songs in their nostalgic catalog, including the arrival of their first new single in four years this past spring, “Quiet, The Winter Harbor.” The band’s return to the stage at Tropicália Festival will be their first U.S. performance in five years, so make sure to see the 1990s folk-rock band for a trip down memory lane when life was so much simpler.

3. Kali Uchis
Speaking of music’s hottest emerging Latin-based pop singers, few recording artists have risen from the indie levels into the mainstream spotlight over the last couple years like the way Kali Uchis has. The singer from Virginia by way of Colombia celebrated the release of her latest studio album earlier this year with Isolation. The album, like many of her festival appearances, features guest collaborations from Tyler, The Creator to The Internet’s Steve Lacy. If you want a seductive pop/psychedelic R&B crossover experience, make sure to check out Kali’s set at the festival.

4. Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes
There are only three words that should be needed to persuade one to catch Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes’ performance at Tropicália - “Be My Baby.” The pop trio who began performing together in the late 1950s and earned five top 40 hits by the time 1960s came to an end, including their hugely successful love ballad, “Be My Baby.” That single’s opening drum riff may be the most famous in the history of American pop music. Do yourself a favor and hear the band perform live before it’s too late - this is pop culture history we’re talking about here.

5. Allah-Las
The Allah-Las aren’t your typical rock band. The four-piece group will be playing a hometown show at the Festival, and will surely bring in plenty of their own fans for the weekend. They’ll offer a smoothly chill mix of jangly indie-rock mixed with plenty of relaxing psychedelic vibes. Who wouldn’t want to experience a psych-rock performance with a guitar-based band in the heart of southern California? Take a trip back to a more chill time and zone out with Allah-Las’ soothing soundtrack to a sunny afternoon.