5 reasons PAW Patrol Live! is the best family-friendly event
Courtesy of PAW Patrol Live!

“PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we’ll be there on the double!” Millions of parents, kids and toddlers who are just learning to sing know the theme song to “PAW Patrol," the cartoon, video and game franchise that’s geared toward preschoolers. Now the whole family can enjoy a live stage show as Chase, Marshall, Skye and the gang take to the road for a series of PAW Patrol Live! performances. We can come up with a whole litter of reasons to go see the pups in PAW Patrol Live! but here are our favorites.

5) Pirates!

There are a couple of different PAW Patrol Live! shows that tour and the newest is “The Great Pirate Adventure.” The storyline has Chase, Marshall, Skye and their pirate pup friends discovering a secret treasure map while they’re on a mission to rescue Cap’n Turbot, who always seems to be in need of the PAW Patrol. The gang then race to find the treasure before Foggy Bottom’s greedy Mayor Humdinger does.

4) Early showtimes

Let’s face it, kids can get cranky as the day goes on and their bedtime nears, and you sure don’t want your children to fall asleep and miss any of the fun. With that in mind, most PAW Patrol Live! shows are matinees that begin at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. And in consideration of the fact that mom and dad can’t always get away early in the day, there are also “late” shows that begin at 6 p.m.

3) Audience participation

Unlike at the movies you take your youngsters to, audience participation is encouraged at all PAW Patrol Live! shows. Kids will have a ball singing, clapping and dancing as the live action plays out on stage, and parents can join in the fun too. The only no-nos are that kids can’t stand on their chairs and you can’t put them on your shoulders.

2) Bring your camera

Wow, photography is allowed so long as you don’t bring professional gear, so you can capture this special moment in your child’s life. Using your flash is okay too; the show itself contains moments of flashing light. And speaking of photography, PAW Patrol Live! shows may be professionally photographed or recorded to video, so you may see yourself in one of the production’s ads in the future.

1) V.I.P. package

There’s no doubt that your kids will think you’re a Very Important Person if you purchase the V.I.P. package, which in this case stands for Very Important Pup! Make your family’s PAW Patrol Live! experience unforgettable with this 40-minute after-show meet and greet opportunity where your kids will meet two PAW Patrol characters and also get a souvenir. You’ll want to have your phone or camera on hand for this photo op.

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