5 reasons to attend a San Diego Seals game
YouTube/SD Diego

The San Diego Seals of the National Lacrosse League are getting ready to play their inaugural season at the Valley View Casino Center when they host the Buffalo Bandits on Dec. 8 (Tickets). The NLL is returning to California after the San Jose Stealth played in the NLL from 2004-2009 and the Anaheim Storm played in the NLL from 2004-2005. This is a great time to support the Seals franchise! Here are five reasons why fans should attend a San Diego Seals game. 

5) Great music--Unlike many sporting events, there is music in the background while the live sporting action is taking place. The music enhances the level of excitement during contests and adds to the overall game experience. 

4) Hard hitting--You may not expect bodychecking in lacrosse, but it actually exists. The sound of the hard hits into the boards can be heard throughout the arena. 

3) Tickets are affordable--The tickets to San Diego Seals games are less expensive than you may think. For as little as $15 a game, fans can see the best high-performance indoor lacrosse action in the world!

2) Get to see the Sirens dancers--When you go to a San Diego Seals lacrosse game, you do not only have the chance to watch lacrosse but outstanding entertainment as well. Some of the members of the San Diego Sirens dance team, who will perform during Seals games, were once National Football League cheerleaders! 

1) The realization that immediate success is a genuine possibility-- The San Diego Seals are an expansion franchise in the National Lacrosse League. However recent history has shown that may not be a bad thing. In the National Hockey League, the Vegas Golden Knights delivered one of the biggest stories in hockey history in 2017-18 when they reached the Stanley Cup Finals in their first ever season. Also in Major League Soccer in 2018, the expansion Los Angeles Football Club has already made the MLS playoffs. 

Get your Tickets to see the San Diego Seals in NLL action today!