5 reasons to be excited about Kelly Clarkson's Atlantic Records announcement
Kelly Clarkson YouTube

Three-time Grammy-winning pop superstar Kelly Clarkson finally let the cat out of the bag earlier today, June 24, after teasing a huge impending announcement all week via a Facebook Live stream. The “Piece by Piece” singer joyfully announced she’s leaving her label of the past 14 years, RCA, and joining Atlantic Records. Clarkson noted this was the first time since her “American Idol” win that she was able to pick who she wanted to work with and Atlantic won her over. She’s thrilled with the transition and her fans are happy for her too. Here are five exciting things about Kelly Clarkson’s big announcement today.

Kelly Clarkson Gets to Make the Record She’s Always Wanted to Make

It’s widely known that contract constraints surrounding a reality singing competition win can prove to be limiting and even creatively stifling for an artist. Clarkson was overjoyed when she told fans she picked her own label for the first time and is making the move to Atlantic. "I’m so excited because they want to make the album that I’ve been dying to make since I was a kid,” she gushed. This is fantastic news for Clarkson and all of her loyal fans. Just imagine the spectacular record to follow, given that Atlantic is fully embracing the inaugural "American Idol's" creative vision!

Clarkson and Atlantic are Making Her First Soulful Record

Remember how mind-blowing all of Kelly Clarkson’s Aretha Franklin covers were during her “Idol” journey? She dropped some musical hints about her big news in the Gnarls Barkley, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding covers she did in the days preceding her announcement. They are all Atlantic artists and now she’s joining their musical family.

One of the things that sets Kelly Clarkson apart from her music industry peers is that she can vocally master just about any genre from Broadway to country to pop and R&B/soul. Many fans have been clamoring for Clarkson to make a soulful record since she swept the original “American Idol” title and now their wish has been granted. Plus, Clarkson raved about the fact that Atlantic loves her personality and “all the colors” of her voice. It sounds like we’re in for a match made in musical heaven. Who else is crazy-stoked to hear KC’s first soulful album? Although, the wait is going to be excruciating. Just sayin’.

Fans Will Be Treated to Free Stuff Fridays

It’s uber-exciting any time an artist promises goodies and giveaways to their fans. KC launched KellyClarksonLive.com during the announcement and every last Friday of the month she’s giving away “free stuff.” Her first offerings for free download or streaming are fan request covers of Radiohead’s “Creep,” Coldplay’s “Fix You,” “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, “Ready for Love” by India.Arie and a video of her doing “Tightrope” live. Clarkson said, “I basically just want to give away stuff because we’ve done so much stuff. We have so many songs recorded from tour or just us in the studio or whatever and it’d be cool to give you all something for free.” Free is good. Free is great. And, if Kelly Clarkson is giving it, free is absolutely fantastic!

Kelly Clarkson is an Endearingly Real as She’s Ever Been

A huge reason Kelly Clarkson’s fans have remained so loyal and love her so much is because she’s never changed her sweet, girl-next-door persona in the fifteen years since she hit the music landscape. She admitted to having great times and some “rough” times in her RCA “arranged marriage.” She was visibly excited about the prospect of her newfound artistic freedom. She stumbled over her words a little in the lengthy and heartfelt video message and her genuine enthusiasm was palpable.

The charismatic Texas native's warm Southern accent and sparkling inner spirit shines right through the entire stream. She’s happy, gracious and grateful and it’s so nice to see such a huge superstar address their fans in such a self-deprecating, down-to-earth way. There wasn’t a single ounce of demanding diva in the "Invincible" singer's candid message to her fans. She was real and sweet and generous and it’s nice to see that Kelly Clarkson still seems like a girl we’d have coffee with despite the heavy demands of her international fame. She even gave a shout out to her dog, Cairo who was barking in the background and we kind of love her even more for that.

A Justin Timberlake Co-Tour is on Her Wish List

Near the end of the stream she took some questions from fans and when asked who she’d like to tour with she named Justin Timberlake. OMG! How totally amazing would that be? JT is the King of R&B/Pop and KC is the queen. What beautiful, awesome music they could make! She did a killer “Cry Me a River” cover at a Tinley Park, Illinois show back in 2012. Can you imagine the chills we would get if they sang it together live? There are no words. Hey Justin, are you listening? When that 2017 Kelly Clarkson soulful record drops, you need to make a pop-up appearance at one of her live shows. Like, pronto!