5 reasons to check out Carolina Rebellion

The eighth annual in-your-face festival that is Carolina Rebellion wrapped up last weekend, with plenty of fans already anticipating 2019.

Part of the World’s Loudest Month concert series, the 3-day event showcased an impressive lineup of more than 60 bands, across four stages. Buzzed-about performances included Rebellion newcomers Greta Van Fleet and Billy Idol, along with festival vets Shinedown, headliners Alice In Chains and others.

What's more, Carolina blue skies reigned throughout the weekend, as thousands of “rebels” converged at Rock City Campgrounds in Concord, NC. As if you needed more reasons to put Carolina Rebellion on next year’s concert calendar, we at AXS compiled a few anyway.

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1. The Variety

From post-hardcore and metal to classic 90s grunge, alt-rock, and more, Carolina Rebellion 2018 offered something for every rocker. What’s more, all of the rock genres flowed seamlessly throughout the weekend, melding well with one another. Even better, every band that hit the Rebellion stage seemed to play a little louder and a whole lot harder – guaranteeing a can’t miss set.

2. The festival experiences

Another aspect of the fest is the “experiences,” which happen all weekend long. From chances to meet the artists, with FYE, and catching acoustic sets in the Zippo Sessions – among the latter were Stone Sour, Butcher Babies, and more – the additional stuff to do is nothing short of awesome. Did we mention you could also ride a Harley?

3. People watching

Be it the constant wave of crowd surfers, the gaggle of Stormtroopers, or the guy in the T-Rex costume – who also happens to be crowd surfing - there’s always something to watch, along with the bands. And keep your phone handy, as stellar selfie opps and crazy group photo chances abound.

4. It’s a party, with more than 90,000 of your closest friends

There’s a fierce sense of comradery at Carolina Rebellion, and everyone you meet is a new friend. Chances are you’ll be invited to join at least one tailgate party on your way into the festival, where seemingly any pre-tense is checked long before the entrance gate.

5. The magnitude

There’s something about seeing top artists play top stages. Take that vibe and times it by ten and the amount energy will blow you away. That’s the massiveness of Carolina Rebellion, whose two main stages are colossal in scope. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the same can be said for Carolina Rebellion.

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