5 reasons to go to 80's Weekend at Microsoft Theater
Paramount Pictures/YouTube

The 1980's are coming back for a weekend that music fans won't want to miss. 80's Weekend brings together some classic pop and rock artists at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to play some of their biggest hits. It was a decade of big hair and even bigger energy, and there are plenty of reasons for music fans to step back in time and enjoy an awesome weekend live. Learn more below and then get your tickets to 80's Weekend here at AXS.

1) Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice has had an incredibly interesting career: rapper, actor, spending seven seasons hosting a home renovation show for DIY Network. But no matter what you think of him, the one thing that's for certain is that he gave audiences two of the most fun party songs of the 80's. Both "Ice, Ice Baby" and "Ninja Rap" are songs that everybody knows and everyone has a soft spot for. Just play the video above to watch Vanilla Ice perform "Ninja Rap" with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and try not to smile. He'll have concertgoers out of their seats for his entire set.

2) The visual experience

The 80's were all about going big: big sounds, big fashion, big (usually neon) colors. 80's Weekend is going to bring all that back to life. It's going to look, sound and feel completely different than any other concert experience. After all, remember that the 80's gave fans the original "Tron" and the whole glam rock genre. Imagine how much neon and how many pastels will be floating around this event, both on and off stage. This is going to be an eye-catching spectacular that will make today's concerts look a little bit boring!

3) You can't erase Erasure

The headliner for this year's 80's Weekend is Andy Bell, best known as one-half of the synth-pop duo Erasure. They're the group who provided fans with "Chains of Love" and other pop songs that, well, weren't really pop songs. It was pop music for the complicated and slightly more edgy listener. But that means their music still holds up now, because it was more complex than bubblegum pop. Bell will certainly bust out a few Erasure hits, but he's got a good solo catalog too, and even tried singing opera once. Whatever he performs, it will be a surprise.

4) It will melt your heart

It's worth going to 80's Weekend just to hear Modern English. The group recorded what is perhaps the defining song of the 1980's, "I Melt With You." And to this day, it's a song that still melts everybody who hears it. There's just something about it that's so sweet, and so simple, that it's unbelievably charming. That song is like a small slice of time travel in and of itself, and it's going to sound even better live when the band plays it at Microsoft Theater. Even for people too young to remember its initial success, this is a song that needs to be heard and will always be loved.

5) A welcome change of pace

Concerts today are great, but they're also a huge machine with a lot going on. There's huge stages, sometimes obstructed views, sometimes rowdy fans, and bigger and bigger production that can feel like the music gets lost in the shuffle. 80's Weekend is completely different from that. It's an event purely for the love of good, fun, generally lighthearted music. This is a concert to go to if you want to relax, have a good time and not worry about anything else. And it's incredibly simple to get tickets to be part of the excitement here at AXS.