5 reasons to go to Coachella 2018

Last weekend, Coachella weekend one took place and it may have been the best Coachella to date. In addition to having some of the best headliners on any bill this festival season, tons of special guests performed, the weather was perfect and the festival was bigger than ever. There were amazing reunions, epic performances and of course, wonderful people watching. Check out five reasons why Coachella is the festival to go to below, and if you don't already have your ticket for weekend two, start planning for 2019 because it's bound to be even bigger and better next year.

1. Surprise guests
Coachella is one of the most famous festivals in the world and it's known for bringing some of the biggest artists to the stage. In addition to having amazing headliners and undercard acts, many artists who perform push it even further and bring out artists who they have collaborated with on some of their biggest hits. This year during weekend one, there was a slew of musical guests, including Chance the Rapper coming out with Cardi B, along with Kehlani, G Eazy, YG and 21 Savage. Eminem brought out longtime collaborators Dr Dre and 50 Cent—something the crowd was not expecting and Kendrick Lamar made an appearance with Vince Staples and SZA—just to name a few. If you're heading to Coachella, you're bound to see more then who is just on the bill.

2. Fashion
Coachella may be a music festival, but part of it may feel like a fashion show. Coachella-goers don't hold back when it comes to fashion—it's a place to express yourself and wear whatever you want. Both guys and girls at the festival look like they stepped out of an Urban Outfitters store, daunting the most up-to-date and risky fashion choices. In addition to going to the fest, it's a perfect place to find your go-to summer and festival styles.

3. Epic headliners
This year, Coachella completely outdid itself when picking the headliners. Last year, Beyoncé cancelled her performance due to being pregnant with twins, so she headlined this year and held nothing back. The Weeknd and Eminem also headline the festival—proving that they can acquire the top talent all in two weekends.

4. You can curate your own festival
The Coachella lineup every year is diverse enough that you can literally curate your own type of festival. Those who lean more toward electronic music can pick from a couple dozen DJs and attend an electronic festival—or if you're a hip-hop fan you can make sure to hit the stage to see all of your favorite rappers. Indie music lovers can choose from the huge selection of bands, or you can go totally random and mix and match. There is something for everyone at Coachella. 

5. Beginning of festival season 
Once Coachella hits, it means that festival season has just begun. Every year it takes place in April, and gets those who love to go to festivals ready for the rest of the summer and beyond. Coachella is just the beginning, so start planning which one you will be going to next. 

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