5 reasons to go to the iHeartRadio Music Festival

Thinking about going to the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2018 this fall? The massive celebration of music returns to Las Vegas's T-Mobile Arena on Sept. 21 and 22, and AXS has the reasons why you need to see it for yourself. Check out these five highlights below, then don't wait to get your tickets and VIP packages to iHeartRadio Music Festival 2018 now through AXS.

1) It's Las Vegas

A large part of any live music experience is the venue. If you're going to go somewhere for a concert, particularly a multi-day music festival like the iHeartRadio Music Festival, you want it to be someplace that you're going to enjoy being. Las Vegas is one of the great cities for live entertainment in the United States, if not the world. Its bright lights and big attitude make it perfect for putting on a great show. Not only that, but before or after the festival set ends, there's plenty else to do no matter what you're into; check out AXS's Las Vegas city page for more information.

2) It's a little piece of festival history

This year's iHeartRadio Music Festival has a little bit of added significance. Both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood will be headlining at this year's festival; they were also part of the very first iHeartRadio Music Festival lineup back in 2011. This is the first time either of them has performed at the festival since then. That means they'll likely bring something big for their big returns, and who doesn't want to watch not one but two "American Idol" winners at the same event? Between this and "American Idol LIVE" singing competition fans have a lot to look forward to.

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3) There's a wide variety of music

The iHeartRadio Music Festival offers something for every music fan. Unlike other festivals, which can be tied to themes or limited in who they invite, iHeartRadio offers a wide cross-section of artists and genres. Among the other headliners in 2018 are new "American Idol" judge Luke Bryan, Grammy Award winner Justin Timberlake, and the uncompromising rockers Panic! At The Disco. Not only can you have a great time, but this is the perfect festival to invite all your friends too because everyone will find at least one headliner that they can't wait to see. Discover the full lineup for iHeartRadio Music Festival 2018 by playing the video at the top of this article, and check out our must-see acts by clicking the related article link above.

4) Fresh music is on the setlist

This isn't just a music festival full of great acts; it's a music festival where some of those acts will be bringing their latest music. For example, Panic! At The Disco just released their new album Pray For The Wicked on June 22. So when they arrive at T-Mobile Arena, it's a safe bet that songs from that record will be on their set list. While getting to hear a wonderful band live is a plus, getting to hear music that you may not have heard live before is even better. At the very least, you know that you won't be hearing the same old stuff.

5) There are ticket options for everyone

However you like to enjoy your festivals, iHeartRadio Music Festival has a ticket option that caters to you. Want to be in the heart of the action? Get General Admission Pit tickets. Want to feel like a festival VIP? There are VIP packages available. Want to just have a regular night out? Both single-day and two-day tickets are an option as well. The choices allow music fans to tailor their iHeartRadio Music Festival experience to how they prefer to enjoy concerts, giving the fans a wider variety of choice than many other events. And all of those ticket options are now on sale using the AXS links below.

Tickets for the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival are on sale now through AXS. They include pit passes, two-day passes, and the iHeartRadio VIP Package that features tickets to both stages and access to a private lounge and restroom. Tickets for Friday, Sept. 21 are available here and tickets for Saturday, Sept. 22 are available here; two-day passes and VIP packages are available on both pages.

For more on the iHeartRadio Music Festival, visit the event page at AXS.