5 reasons to see American Idol: Live!
American Idol/YouTube

American Idol: Live is underway this summer, allowing music fans to see the top artists from American Idol season 16 live in concert. Why should music fans spend their summer with the latest batch of Idol contestants? Here are five reasons to catch the American Idol: Live tour now, before you get your tickets to upcoming American Idol: Live shows now through AXS.

1) It's the first chance to see them live

Music fans watched the American Idol: Live artists for months on television. These are the people audiences rooted for, voted for and downloaded the singles from. Now instead of seeing them perform through a TV screen, this is the opportunity to see them perform in person. Coming almost right after the conclusion of the season, this is also the first time to see them perform since American Idol. Anyone who was a fan of the season should have their tickets to this tour because it's a natural extension of everything they just enjoyed.

2) The live experience is different from the TV experience

Audiences loved these artists when they watched them on American Idol, but it's impossible to truly know them until watching them live. Live music sounds and feels different than music recorded for television. Gabby Barrett's version of "Don't Stop Believin'" was fantastic on TV; it's going to be even better when it's live in a venue filled with people who can sing the classic rock anthem right along with her. Everything music fans just heard will sound completely different and more impressive when it's on stage with nothing between the contestants and the audience.

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3) It's watching the artists stand on their own

Though American Idol: Live is still part of the American Idol franchise, it's not the show. Audiences will see these artists outside of the show's structure, without judges who have to critique their performance, and without worrying about having to impress voters. Their performances should be much more relaxed and organic. Plus, what have they learned from their reality TV experience? How will they have improved and grown as artists since they were last seen in the season finale? There's still much to discover about these singers, and it starts on this tour.

4) The potential for new music

While it's a given that American Idol: Live will feature the most popular songs from American Idol season 16 (if Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson don't sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" again it would be a huge missed opportunity), there's the chance that audiences could hear something entirely new. When NBC's The Voice had its concert tours, the artists performed songs they hadn't done on the show and original songs of their own, in addition, to show favorites. Poppe has already debuted her post-show single, and the other singers could be working on new music themselves. There should be performances here that fans can't see anywhere else.

5) It's perfect summer entertainment

The summer may be a slow season for TV, but it's a great season for concert tours. WIth The Voice not returning until September and American Idol season 17 not expected to start until 2019, it will be a while before music fans will see more music on television. However, American Idol: Live will fill that gap nicely, providing audiences with familiar faces and favorite songs until the show returns. It's a wonderful opportunity for a fun night out watching these artists at the start of what will hopefully be long and successful careers. Get your tickets to American Idol: Live today through AXS.

Below are the upcoming American Idol: Live tour dates with tickets on sale through AXS:

July 27 - Saratoga, CA - The Mountain Winery (Tickets)
Aug. 04 - Los Angeles, CA - The Orpheum Theatre (Tickets)
Aug. 16 - Westbury, NY - The Space at Westbury (Tickets)
Aug. 31 - Kamas, UT - DeJoria Center (Tickets)

For more on American Idol: Live, visit the tour page at AXS.