5 reasons to see Apocalyptica live
Tracy Heck

Finnish symphonic heavy metallers Apocalyptica brought their spring tour to Royal Oak on Tuesday evening when the band took the stage at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. The tour is continuing to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their debut album, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos.  This version of the tour features the return of original member Antero Manninen alongside the other three cellists  Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso and Paavo Lötjönen. The tour finds the band playing their debut album in its entirety and then the second set of harder Metallica classics alongside drummer Mikko Sirén.

The instrumental cello-driven rock outfit changed the landscape of metal music and continue to fascinate and entertain across the world. Their connection with one another, their fans and their music shines through every moment they are on stage and creates a jaw-dropping performance each and every time. Here are just a few reasons to check out Apocalyptica live.

1) Creating a genre all their own

When Apocalyptica came on to the scene in 1996, no one had ever seen anyone like them. They not only changed the way people looked at metal, but they created their own genre of cello-driven symphonic metal. Although many have followed in their footsteps, none have done it with quite the same flair and drive. Their Metallica by Four Cellos was a new approach to hits from metal's biggest band and Apocalyptica's take on them continues to hold up all of these years later. The fact that the band never toured behind it when it was originally released makes going to see them on this tour even more special.

2) Mastery of the stage

Apocalyptica are made for the live arena and it is clear every time they take to the stage just how much they enjoy it. With Antero back in the fold, the current tour features the band at the top of its game and the interplay between the four cellists and their drummer is fun to watch. The staggering quality of play and their incredible energy is mesmerizing to watch. The band moves from slow symphonic masterpieces to headbanging barn burners with ease and they take the audience on a journey of emotions that is guaranteed to leave everyone satisfied by the end of the evening.

3) Humor

The band has never taken themselves too seriously and they are not afraid to have some fun on stage and off. There are always a number of humorous moments throughout their sets and Tuesday was no different as the guys joked with the crowd and one another.  One highlight was some gentle teasing of Antero's stern persona and Perttu daring Paavo to dance, who quickly took him up on the offer, pulling out a chair and getting up to do a striptease, pulling down his pants and showing the crowd his boxers. The band's approachability and down to earth vibe has gained them a large following of fans who feel connected to them on a personal level.

4) Friendship

It's rare to find a band that stays together as long as they have and who continue to enjoy traveling and performing with one another, but the fact that the members of Apocalyptica continue to enjoy one another's company is inspiring. They share a chemistry that works both on and off the stage and has allowed them to grow and thrive where so many others have fallen apart. Their interplay on stage is one of the key parts of their live performances and one of the many reasons their fans keep coming back for more.

5) Ability to change things up

Apocalyptica has never been afraid to experiment and try new things and over the years the band has expanded on their original album by not only branching out into creating their own original compositions, but also adding in vocals and drums and playing around with a number of different genres and sounds. Having sold over four million albums globally, it seems like their fans have also been willing to take that ever changing journey with them. It will be interesting to see just where the band goes next after they finish honoring Plays Metallica by Four Cellos.

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