5 reasons to see Attila live
Tracy Heck

Attila wrapped up their co-headlining tour with Insane Clown Posse in Detroit Easter night at The Fillmore and the metalcore band did it with a flourish. Despite the odd pairing of bands, the tour was a successful one and both metal and rap fans left satisfied. Attila dropped fiery new track "Blackout" this week and the band is working on their eighth studio album. The Atlanta band formed in 2005 and they and their frontman Fronz have courted controversy ever since. The four-piece aren't afraid to speak their minds and their fans love them for it. The band's carefree attitude extends to their live sets where they let it all hang out and just have a great time. Here are a few reasons to check out an Attila show.

1) An emotional outlet

An Attila show is a great outlet for those looking for a release of pent-up aggression. The band's hour-long set was a dizzying array of strobe lights, pounding music, violence and angst-ridden lyrics as Fronz riled up the crowd throughout, prompting crowd surfing and massive mosh pits. Even those who weren't Attila fans were caught up in the band's spirit.

2) Band chemistry

The four-piece work well together, sliding across the stage effortlessly and feeding off of their frontman's energy. There was rarely a moment where they all weren't smiling, laughing or pumping their fists along with the crowd. When they say they like to bring the party to the stage, they mean it, inviting the crowd to join them in their frenetic pace.

3) Fronz

Attila's frontman truly knows how to get people talking and his current feud with Emmure's Franki Palmeri has kept the music world abuzz. Love him or hate him, it's hard to ignore Fronz, who seems to relish pushing people's buttons. His apology-free attitude was on full-display during their set as he said whatever happened to be on his mind at the time. He thrives on the rowdiness of the crowd and with a room full of juggalos, it was easy to throw them into chaos, beginning at the start of the set as he shared that an Attila show has no rules.

4) A message worth hearing

Amidst the dramatics and chaos, Attila promotes a simple, but powerful message about just being yourself. The message is an empowering one and urges their fans to embrace who and what they are and make no apologies for it. In the end, it's all about doing what makes you happy and finding a way to have a fun time no matter the situation.

5) Flawless balance of genres

Attila has perfected their live set over the years and they've achieved an impressive balance between their spoken/rap lyrics and the head-pounding screaming metal that makes them stand out. Chaotic beats and bass sit alongside some of the heaviest riffs out there. Listen closely and deep heartfelt lyrics run alongside the violent and humorous ones that most tend to focus on.

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