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In 2017 Canadian dance-punk duo Death From Above (formally Death From Above 1979) released their third album Outrage! Is Now.  The album was critically acclaimed and thought by many as their best album yet.  After a year or so of touring to promote that album while supporting bands such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and At The Drive-In, Death From Above set off on a tour to pay tribute to their roots.

Here are 5 reasons to see Death From Above live:

5. Jesse Keeler’s vintage Traynor speakers

It’s one thing to listen to the massive low ends of Death From Above’s infectious dance tracks in your personal headphones or even through your home stereo system.  In order to truly experience the sonic distortion the way it was intended, however, you must feel the overwhelming rumble of Keeler’s Bass blasting out of his vintage Traynor speakers.

4. You might forget that Death From Above has more words in their name than members in the band.

Although Death From Above manage to infuse an insane amount of audio frequencies into their music to keep your heart pumping and your legs moving,  if you have never seen the band live you might forget that there are only actually two musicians on stage.

3. A chance to hear songs long forgotten

Generally, DFA will mix up their setlist with songs from their 3 full-length albums. Every now and then they will add a track or two from their first EP.  On their current tour, however, DFA is playing their first EP Heads Up in its entirety.

2. Death From Above always play with other amazing bands

Whether the duo is tagging along as support for bands like Eagles of Death Metal, or At The Drive-In, or heading off on their own tours and bringing along friends of theirs like CRX or Le Butcherettes, DFA will always make sure that the full show experience is worthwhile.

1. Death From Above has a history of breaking up

When DFA dropped their debut album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine back in 2004 the band disbanded 2 years later. They sat dormant for 5 years before popping up again and playing a few choice festivals. Shortly after they dropped a new album The Physical World.  After releasing yet another album last year and now having played together consistently for over 5 years, DFA is showing no signs of slowing down. However, as is the case with any 2 person band, personalities always run the risk of clashing and at any moment the two could decide to call it quits again. And DFA is definitely a band that you need to see at least once live!

Death From Above is touring with CRX on the West Coast through November 9 and heading over to the East Coast with Le Butcherettes through Nov. 25.