5 reasons to see Erasure live

Synthpop duo Erasure has been at it for decades now, creating a number of catchy songs that keep fans dancing and singing along--especially at their live shows. With a masterful, career-spanning setlist, expert stage presence, and so much more, vocalist Andy Bell and musician Vince Clarke present fans with a must-see performance. Here are five reasons to get your tickets now.

5. The dynamic duo
Bell and Clarke, the two masterminds behind Erasure, each bring something completely different to the table to make Erasure what it is. Onstage, that means the energetic Bell shows off his stellar dance moves and keeps the fun going between songs with his commentary and jokes, while Clarke is very much the straight man, never speaking and only moving away from his keyboards to join Bell for their encore, their best-known hit, "A Little Respect."

4. The energy
Of course, Erasure's upbeat pop songs are perfect for a high-energy show, not to mention Bell's aforementioned dancing. An Erasure concert isn't just a performance--it's a party, and fans are guaranteed to have a great time.

3. No nostalgia act
These days, plenty of acts hit the road armed with a setlist that's full of classic crowdpleasers, but their days of writing and recording are long gone. But Erasure has never stopped and has consistently released new material every few years since their debut in the '80s. Though some of their biggest hits came early on, fans are still guaranteed to hear some of the duo's most recent releases.

2. The set
And yet Erasure knows how to deliver a nearly perfect set. With plenty of songs to choose from, they balance the new with the beloved fan favorites, from opening with "Oh L'Amour" to continuing with songs like "Victim of Love," "Chains of Love," "Drama!," and plenty more, often ending with "Always," "Sometimes," and "Stop" before returning to encore with "A Little Respect." They also put their spin on other great songs--as they often have in the past--and toss in some covers.

1. The experience
Like any great live act, all of this comes together to create a live show that can't be missed, with each piece adding to the whole. Bell and Clarke have spent their careers writing fantastic songs, and with their live shows, their repertoire is only enhanced, giving fans an experience they won't forget.

Erasure's World Be Gone tour continues through August, with tickets for select shows on sale now right here on AXS.