5 reasons to see GWAR live
BVTV Music/YouTube

A GWAR concert is an epic, theatrical bloodletting spectacle of sights and sounds unlike any other event and an experience that will not soon be forgotten. The Viking space aliens known as GWAR were once a part of an elite fighting force called the Scumdogs of the Universe. Aliens to some, gods to others, demons too many, GWAR is a band that spreads music and mayhem wherever they go. Since first breaking onto the scene in 1984, GWAR has cemented themselves a place in rock and roll history with their stagecraft. Despite lineup changes and untimely deaths, GWAR continues their glorious assault on humanity and a band everyone needs to see live. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. The costumes

Each member of GWAR is instantly identifiable due to their distinctive barbaric interplanetary warrior costumes. The lead vocalist is Berserker Blothar's costume has two penises that shoot green spew onto the crowd. Guitarist BälSäc, A.K.A. The Jaws ‘o Death, is a metal-headed killing machine that may or may not have eyes but he will have no problem hunting down a human. Beefcake the Mighty plays bass guitar and his gluttony is unmatched in any universe. Drummer JiZMak da Gusha enjoys smashing things. Green-faced guitarist Pustulus Maximus says feels he is tall enough and enjoys killing for spite.

2. The splatter

GWAR shows are infamous for the blood and gore and they have earned this reputation for good reason. Throughout the concert, various characters are brought out on stage where they are assaulted and slaughtered. Gallons and gallons of red blood shot dozens of feet into the cheering crowd to the delight of their dripping fans. It will be hard for someone who has never attended a GWAR performance to truly understand how much fake blood and semen is shot out onto the humans.

3. The music

With more than 13 albums under their belt GWAR has developed an extensive library of a pretty brilliant mixture of punk, rock, metal, heavy metal songs. Fans always cheer to hear the classics including “Immortal Corrupter,” “Let Us Slay,” Sick Of You,” “Jack The World” and “Sadam A Go Go.” The band’s new album The Blood of Gods is a sonic force to be reckoned with.

4. The Fans

GWAR fans are a unique breed unto themselves. Savoring the bloodlust, many will dress in all white garments signifying they are anxiously awaiting the splattering. GWAR concerts have become multi-generational events, with long-time fans now bringing their kids to the shows with them. Young and old all proudly displaying the red stains their overlords have bestowed upon them as they battle it out in the mosh pit.

5. The Comedy

GWAR is all about horror, there is no doubt. However, there is a lot of offensively repugnant witty comedy which takes place during the show as well. The band members all seem to enjoy a good sense of humor. This is blatantly obvious with a song such as “Fishfuck” and “Sex Cow” in their repertoire. Blothar spoke of the band's stage show, "It’s like watching a very melodramatic professional wrestling show with a rock band playing. In any GWAR performance, what happens is that we go out there and we try to play a rock show and we're constantly interrupted by our enemies."