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Rapper and silver screen star Ice Cube has returned to the concert stage for a handful of cherry-picked tour dates, including the newly announced Louder Than Life 2019 lineup.

The award-winning lyricist, producer, actor and director began his music career nearly 30 years ago with iconic rap group N.W.A. Since leaving the pioneering hip-hop group Ice Cube established himself as a successful solo artist, releasing some of the most memorable rap songs of a generation.

He then became an accomplished actor and more, with a number of starring movie roles. In 2016, he took his place in the Rock Hall of Fame when N.W.A. was inducted.

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After catching Ice Cube’s set in Wilmington, North Carolina - part of the North Carolina Azalea Festival Mainstage concert series - we can’t help but share five reasons to see Ice Cube.

5. Lyrical ability

Ice Cube’s dexterity on the mic is the foundation of his success. The rapper’s rhythmic, writing and rhyming skills are showcased across 11 studio albums, soundtracks, and compilations, among them his debut solo masterpiece AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted (1990).

For a glimpse of his lyrical prowess listen to the album’s title track here.

4. N.W.A.’s impact

N.W.A. (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) is one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history. N.W.A.’s revolutionary style shaped the gangsta-rap sub-genre, starting with its groundbreaking debut studio album Straight Outta Compton (1988.) The group’s lyrics were controversial, political, and unapologetic. Listen to N.W.A.’s notorious track “F*ck Tha Police” here.

3. The music, of course

As a solo artist, Ice Cube has sold more than 10 million albums. Cube’s show made full use of his 30-plus-year music career, as he dished out career-spanning hits. From N.W.A. tracks to his infamous dis “No Vaseline,” and songs from 2018’s Everythang’s Corrupt – nothing was missed. “It was a Good Day,” closed out the night, with all 9,000-plus fans singing along.

2. More than music

The west-coast rapper’s music and movies aren’t mutually exclusive. Ice Cube’s move into the movie world began with an acclaimed role in “Boyz n the Hood.” He also wrote and starred in the “Friday” series and other films including Barbershop. Producing  2015's acclaimed N.W.A. biopic "Straight Outta Compton” found Ice Cube’s two careers coming full circle.

1. He gives back

Among his charitable efforts, Ice Cube collaborated with a California-based clothing company to raise money for Autism Speaks. The limited edition T-shirt design was inspired by his hit “It Was A Good Day.”