5 reasons to see Jukebox the Ghost live
Jukebox the Ghost/YouTube

After years as a band and a few albums under their belt, piano-rock trio Jukebox the Ghost has proven over and over again that they can also deliver a stellar live show. Here are five reasons you won't want to miss them when they hit your town.

5. The opening act
For some, the opening act at a concert is something to grudgingly suffer through--a band they've never heard of, don't care about, and that is an annoyance before the real fun starts. While we're already firm believers that opening acts can introduce you to some amazing music you may not have heard otherwise, this is especially true of the bands Jukebox the Ghost takes on the road with them, from the energetic Elwins to the post-punk sound of Mainland to the sadly now-defunct female-dominated Secret Someones. On 2018's Off to the Races tour, they tapped another female-fronted (and aptly named) rock band, The Greeting Committee, who quickly won over the crowd with their energy and catchy songs.

4. The "Wheel of Tour-ture"
As musicians write new music and have more and more material to choose from when putting together a setlist, older songs get cut inevitably. Jukebox the Ghost leaves some of those decisions up to chance, and for the third year in a row, they've turned to what they've called the Wheel of Tour-ture, which lists a number of older songs and gets spun by someone in the crowd near the end of the set. That said...

3. The set
Although some older songs get left out and some rely on the luck of the spin of the wheel, Jukebox the Ghost still puts together a set that will make just about everyone happy, from new fans who know every word to Off to the Races to old fans wanting to hear the songs that first introduced them to the band. "Hollywood," from 2015's self-titled release, is a crowd favorite, while songs that go back farther like "Schizophrenia," "Empire," and "Victoria" still get very warm reception, with fans singing every word.

2. The covers
A well-done cover from any musician can be an added dose of fun into the set, exciting fans in the crowd who also love that song and enjoy hearing it reimagined. Jukebox the Ghost can be expected to throw in at least one, often more, and they've taken on icons like The Beatles, David Bowie, and Queen--including in annual HalloQueen shows--plus had some fun with The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" and Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman." Most recently, they took on ELO's lovely and upbeat "Mr. Blue Sky."

1. The energy
One of the things that makes a great live show is the energy of both the musicians and the crowd, and with Jukebox the Ghost, there's an equal amount of give and take. The band certainly delivers, but with the cheers and dancing coming from fans, they get it back--and while their shows are a lot of fun to watch from, say, a balcony, you'll probably find yourself watching the crowd and wishing you were down there with them. And like any great concert, all of this comes together to create an entire experience. Without one of these elements, the show would be very different, and it would suffer for it. Fans new and old won't be let down, and in fact, you're likely to find quite a few who are seeing the band for a fifth or sixth time. 

Jukebox the Ghost's Off to the Races tour is wrapping up, but be sure to keep an eye out should the announce another set of dates--you won't regret going.